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  1. Fools Hollow Outing/ Saturday August 9th
  2. Crayfish Education Day Set for Aug. 24
  3. No news?
  4. September meeting topics
  5. Southern Arizona Lakes
  6. Sept Monthly Meetings
  7. Update on Pena Blanca Lake
  8. Arizona Anglers Round Table April 4 2003
  9. Arizona Anglers Round Table Agenda for 9/22/2003
  10. Arizona Anglers Round Table Meeting Summary for July 14, 200
  11. Arizona State Parks is conducting a study of Arizona clubs
  12. AGFD Commission Meeting Oct 18
  13. Apache Outing October 25th
  14. Lake Pleasant Project Update
  15. Weekly Fishing Report Gets High Marks From Subscribers
  16. Trout Coming to Tempe Town Lake Nov. 25
  17. Get 2003 Fishing Licenses for Half Price
  18. SWA-Kids Fishing Day- Nov 8th
  19. Southwest Walleye Anglers/Show Low Lake Nov. 15th
  20. Phx Nov 18 Meeting- Scott Bryan AGFD
  21. Phx, Dec 16 Meeting, Jeff Sorensen AGFD
  22. Feb 17th & 19 Meeting Speakers
  23. Lake Pleasant Tournament Mortality Study
  24. Report on Salt and Verde lakes and toxic algea
  25. Arizona Wildlife News and Calendar - Feb. 2 2004
  26. Arizona Wildlife News and Calendar - March 3, 2004
  27. Public can track rescued eaglet thanks to new satellite transmitter
  28. Apache, Canyon and Saguaro Lakes Fish Die Off Linked to Blue-Green Algae
  29. Tournament Mortality Study by AZGFD
  30. AGFD Meetings on 10% cap
  31. ABA Summer Night Tournament Mortality Study
  32. They're dropping bait in the water!
  33. Increased price caps on licenses and tags sought from Legislature
  34. Biology of Striped Bass
  35. Lake Pleasant Striped Bass Study Report
  36. The Agua Fria arm of Lake Pleasant opens April 1st
  37. Golden algae are documented in Arizona
  38. Roosevelt/Apache lake conservation Tourny
  39. Arizona Anglers Round Table
  40. The 2004 Arizona Boating Safety Report is On-Line
  41. AZ big game draw results are avail
  42. Results from Canyon Lake Game & Fish Survey July 19-20, 2005
  43. Completed Report on Recent AG&FD Canyon Lake Survey
  44. AZGFD Schedules Public Meetings on License Fee Increases
  45. AGFD Arizona Anglers Round Table July 10, 2006
  46. Angler Roundtable in Tucson
  47. Just a reminder: Angler Roundtable Meeting in Tucson
  48. Apache Lake VOLUNTEERS WANTED !
  51. Apache Lake Update
  52. Smallmouth Bass Transfer II
  53. Angler Roundtable Meeting TUCSON
  54. Invasive mussels now confirmed at Lake Havasu as well as Lake Mead
  55. Arizona Elk and lope draws
  56. Tucson Angler Roundtable Meeting Reminder!
  57. Don't Forget Angler Roundtable tonight!
  58. Region VI Fish Program Biologist Rich Wiggins passed away
  59. Southern Arizona Roundtable Meeting
  60. july 23 Round Table Meeting
  61. The official Game and Word on Stripers
  62. Pena Blanca boat Ramp Closed
  63. Trees for Canyon Lake
  64. G&F Needs Our Help!!!!
  65. Completion of Canyon Lake Habitat Project
  66. Southern Arizona Angler Roundtable Meeting
  67. Pena Blanca Boat Ramp Closed
  68. Don't forget to buy your 2009 fishing license
  70. Pena Blanca Habitat build Part II
  71. Boat Owners Please Read
  72. Concrete Fish Balls Volunteers Needed
  73. Need Volunteers Building Fish Habitat
  74. Volunteers for Building Fish Habitat
  75. Volunteers for Building Fish Habitat
  76. January Fish Habitat
  77. February Fish Habitat Volunteers