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  1. Tournament partners forum.
  2. mbc pro-am
  4. Boater needed for Martinez Fed. March 5,6
  5. Need a partner for lake martinez 19th of march
  6. New PARTNER Needed
  7. Backseater needed
  8. Looking For Partner To Fish Upcoming Trails
  9. I can ride the back for any large tourney coming up
  10. Looking for fishing partner
  11. Abf Won Or ?
  12. Boatless..but can fish
  13. seeking partner
  14. seeking partner
  15. need partner 40
  16. need partner over 40 for Batrlett
  17. Partner For Pleasant This Saturday
  18. Yuma Bassmasters
  19. no-boater needs partner
  20. Share Cost
  21. looking for a partner for best bet oct. 14 roosey
  22. Looking for a back seat?
  23. Boatless bankbuster seeking backseat for mbc(you must be over 40) I'l pay entry fees
  24. Boater needed for Federation Dec. 2-3 (Roosevelt)
  25. looking for boater partner for aba 12/9 and mbc senior teams 12/16
  26. Boater Wanted
  27. Need a boater for MBC Pro-Am 1/6/06
  28. Desert Bass Yuma - Back Seat Open
  29. Federation Nation non-boater needed
  30. Fed TMX Boater Needed
  32. NON-BOATER WANTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  33. MBC March 3rd Pro-Am
  34. stren clear lake
  35. Need a boater for Martinez this weekend!
  36. Need AAA for WONBASS at Mead 4/14,15
  37. patagonia tourny
  38. MBC/ 28th/29th Pro/am need pro sign up partner
  39. Looking for a team partner
  40. PRO needed for MBC Pro-am this weekend
  41. Tourney Partner
  42. Boater Wanted for MBC Night Tournaments
  43. Fishermans choice newbie
  44. Anybody have back seat open for MBC Night
  45. Looking for backseat for JackAz
  46. Aug 12th - 3 Fish Jackpot Open
  47. partner wanted
  48. MBC Teams Partner wanted..
  49. back seater wanting to fish tourneys
  50. girl wanted
  51. girl wanted
  52. non boater looking for boater
  54. flw stren havasu
  55. Co-Angler needed Havasu
  56. Want to fish tourneys
  57. Non-boater ooking to fish Big Bass @ Pleasant
  58. Newbie looking for more boat experience...
  59. Angler's Choice Tournament or Other
  60. all star tourney????
  61. Take me fishing
  62. In need of a backseat for this Saturday's CBC Open at Bartlett
  63. Back Boater For Pro am Tourney?
  64. Won bass
  65. Looking for a backseat, ABA or JackAZ, 7/12
  66. Non-Boater wants to fish
  67. looking for partner to fish jack az future pros
  68. Non - Boater Needs partner for San Carlos..
  69. Partner Wanted
  70. non boater needed
  71. Ca. AA seeking roommate and or Prefish partner
  72. Non-Boater Looking for Sign Up Partner
  73. need boater for havasu pro am
  74. flw at rosey
  75. non-boater for any tourney(s)
  76. Looking for a non boater
  77. Have a room and backseat for Stren at Rosey
  78. Rosey Tournaments
  79. Looking for a boater
  80. PATTY ELITE (Backseater needed)
  81. Backseater?
  82. Wed 6/2 Looking for backseat
  84. wensday nighter 8/26
  85. Purple Heart
  86. pro am
  88. AAA looking to sign up for National gaurd western division
  89. Looking for boater for FLW at rosy in sep.
  90. need a non boater
  91. Looking for a backseat for Jack AZ on the 20th.
  92. Jack AZ Amatuers March 27 @ Roosevelt, Boater needed!!!
  93. MBC @ Alamo
  94. Arizona B.A.S.S. Federation Martinez Boaters Needed
  95. non-boater looking to fish tournaments
  96. Anybody looking for a non-boater/backseat for a tourney
  97. Posting out For Back Seat
  98. Allstars at Rosey 4/24 Backseat Open
  99. FLW National Guard Tourney @ Roosevelt Lake
  100. want 2 fish
  101. US Open Sign-up Partner Needed
  102. HELP! squeeky wheel needs some grease
  103. Looking for a non boater for BFL Nov 6th
  104. Anyone want to fish the AM only at Bartlett?
  105. Looking for a tournament partner
  106. any one need travel partner for flw western?
  107. won bass havasue
  108. Looking for a Pro
  109. WON BASS pro pairing partner....
  110. Need a Non Boater for 2011
  111. Need a partner for Allstars on Feb 22
  112. I'll pay HALF your entry. Need Co for Bassmaster Open - Lake Lewisville
  113. Rookie Looking to Learn!
  114. Looking for non boater
  115. WON BASS 2011 Lake Roosevelt Pro/AM Itinerary
  116. need a boater for roosevelt feb 25/26
  117. Looking for teammate
  118. Non-Boater Need for (FLW) Federation
  119. Won Bass Havasu
  120. Looking for a non boater
  121. Looking for a boater BASS Fed, Apache 4/2/11
  122. tbf havasu second quailifier
  123. Experienced Co-Angler for local club tournaments
  124. Need NonBoater to sign up with for FLW TBF Qualifier #3 at Alamo, April 16 & 17.
  125. Visiting Havasu
  126. Looking for Boater for JackAZ Tonight
  127. Boater needed for FLW/TBF at Rosey this Weekend!
  128. TBF Night Tourney Apache 7-9-2011
  129. Looking for boater for MBC Bartlett
  130. 2012 TBF Season
  131. Boater needed for all tournaments
  132. Tournament partner for August 6th at Bartlett
  133. Non boater looking for competitive action
  134. Need non boater for 2012 TBF
  135. JackAZ 8/20/11
  136. lookinh for non boater sign up partner for 2011-12 season
  137. Looking for a boater/non boater for USAC az region
  138. Looking for boater
  139. Looking for a Non-Boater!!
  140. Martinez OCT 21-23 and Everstart Tourney
  141. Looking for a Partner for Martinez and Havasu
  142. AZ BASS Federation Nation Boater looking for Non-Boater
  143. Boater needed for TBF Wild Card
  144. Boater needed for the TBF at Pleasant Nov 26
  145. Boater Needed for Nov 19th AZ BFN at Rosey
  146. Boater Need for MBC Seniors Nov 19th at Bartlett
  147. FLW Everstart travel partner
  148. Boater Needed for TBF Qualifier #2 at Roosevelt Feb 4-5 F
  149. non-boater needed
  150. Bassmaster Central Opens Co Anglers NEEDED
  151. TBF boater needed: Havasu
  152. Avid bass fisherman seeks partner for upcoming season. boater wanted
  153. MWC Seniors Anyone looking to fish. remaining tourneys
  154. Boater Partner wanted Any tournament
  155. Tournaments This Weekend at Rosey
  156. Looking for a pro to sign up with
  157. WON BASS Roosevelt Need a Pro
  158. Need a pro for WON Bass Roosevelt
  159. Patagonia Elite
  160. Looking for someone to fish with on Lake Havasu and areas near there
  161. Needing a Boater
  162. I need a partner
  163. non-boater
  164. U.S. Open
  165. Co-angler looking for partner
  166. Tournament Partner
  167. Us Open need a boater
  168. looking for non-boater martinez
  170. "Legend Cup" Pro partner needed.
  171. partner needed for roostertales club
  172. Partner needed for January 12th 2013 ABA Event Yuma Region
  173. Non Boater serious bass fisherman--Seeks partner
  174. Patagonia Elite Partner
  175. Anybody needing a partner for fishing..tournaments or sport.
  176. Looking for a Partner!!
  177. Looking for a boater for TBF Martinez Lake
  178. Looking for boater sign-up partner TBF.
  179. non boater looking to fish summer/ night tourney
  180. Need a non-boater for Saturday June 1st
  181. Non Boater looking to fish tourneys
  182. clear lake open looking for pro to sign up with
  183. Join Liquids Quest to cash a check! This Friday! Bass Addicts tourney at SAG!
  184. Sag TBA This Friday - Looking for a backseat
  185. Tbf boater needed or havasu
  186. Looking for Tournament/Recreational Fishing Partner
  187. 2 Non-Boaters Needed for TBF at Rosy this weekend
  188. BASS Nation- looking for Non-Boater sign up partner for 2014 season
  189. Co-angler looking for prefishing partner for FLW at Havasu
  190. Need sign up partner for AZ Bass Nation Apache tournament
  191. JML Outdoors Night Aug 2nd
  192. Need partner for tournaments/recreational fishing
  193. Looking for tournament partner-MBC Seniors
  194. Co-Angler Link Needed for Bassmaster Central Opens
  195. Looking for a partner to join ABF with
  196. US Open September 2015 @ Lake Mead
  197. clear lake open
  198. Co looking for boater
  199. Patagonia elite
  200. bass nation-co
  201. Co-angler looking for a Boater
  202. Looking for co angler
  203. Sat night partner
  204. Co-Angler looking for Partner