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  1. Sadam Execution Video Leaked
  2. Illegal's Arrested up to 6 Times
  3. bush
  4. President Bush
  5. Illegal Births In Calif. Cost Over $400M
  6. this is f-uped but funny
  7. For all U Democrats
  8. Illegals and Public Schools
  9. Guard troops at border to be commended for retreat
  10. State of the Union Address
  11. 761 undocumented immigrants arrested in federal sweep in S. Calif.
  12. hillary
  13. Tucson Approves Speeding Cameras
  14. support for our President and his choices for our troops and government
  15. Making Hunters Look Bad
  16. PETA On Trial -- The Ultimate Hypocrites!
  17. Another great mexican protest.
  18. They come up with a better way.
  19. State of the Union Address in a perfect world
  20. Heres some really sad shit
  21. Field and Stream Article on Cutts
  22. TerrorFree Oil
  23. One Crazy Biatch
  24. Border security !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  25. homosexual agenda
  26. An interesting link...Was Jesus just a man?
  28. THINK ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!
  29. The Melting Pot Gone Bad
  30. The wack jobs are back and they are sueing
  31. Mandatory Birth Control For Bad Parents?
  32. Prop 100 The Will of the People
  33. What are everyone's thoughts??
  34. A Christmas Story
  35. EMail sent to Jon Kyl...NO AMNESTY
  36. Gotta Love politics
  37. Imus/Sharpton/Jackson...What are your thoughts?
  38. Interesting story
  39. Proposition 100 and rights for Illegal Aliens!
  40. Engineer: Terrorist or American Citizen?
  41. Where's The Outrage
  42. Remember this
  43. The mexicans are marching today.
  44. Governor vetoes day-laborer bill!!!!!!
  46. This is a joke. Dry cleaners get sued for 65 mil.
  47. Disrespect to our American Flag
  48. Here is a solution.
  50. Another reason to close our borders.
  51. Fort Dix Terrorist Attack Foiled
  52. A reason to pray?
  53. The doggie police are at it again.
  54. Heres something to think about
  55. crack down on employers hiring illegal immigrants
  56. Todays Youth
  57. His wife will forgive him.
  58. What a suprise.
  59. Car jacking
  60. Anyone need a landscaper?
  61. Illegal Immigration Heating up in Tucson
  62. New Vehicle Car Engine Design
  63. Interview with and Illegal Immigrant
  64. Another Immigration Statistic
  65. Immigration by the numbers (not racist in any way)
  66. Illegal Committed of Rape
  67. Terrorist on US Soil...Border Security Issues
  68. Mccain Exploting Immigration for VOTES...!
  69. crime stats for illegals
  70. new immigration bill
  71. dui
  72. Dam there goes tonight party favors.
  73. Who invited the polish?
  74. now this is funny
  75. Decade after teen's death, driver still a no-show in court
  76. July fourth cancelled in arizona.
  77. Lake Death?
  78. Just plain stupid.
  79. USMC This is an OUTRAGE!
  80. illegals/courts/voters
  81. Church vs. the law???
  82. Del monte
  83. Freedom of press?
  84. Illegal Alien Families Torn Apart
  85. Another protest?
  86. Immigration bill [people's choice]
  87. Gunfight at the ok corral.
  88. It must be a mexican thing.
  89. I wonder who complained
  90. Mr. President
  91. D.U.I. and Imigration
  92. Undercover officer's car rammed, causing fatal accident
  93. Undocument my a$$
  94. Your Representatives in Congress and the Senate
  95. Illegal Criminal Charged After Killing a Family
  96. Illegals are Taking Over America
  97. Need some extra money?
  98. Mexican Panhandlers
  99. Governor seeks to veto
  100. Well at least we won in soccer.
  101. Senate Pushing for Support on Immigration Bill
  102. Immigration poll
  103. Our Flag, Constitution and Bill of Rights
  104. amazing
  105. Heres you tax dollars at work.
  106. Sad story with a good ending.
  107. Benoit strangled wife, smothered son...
  108. Senate Blocks Immigration Bill
  109. Calif. Illegal tab for May 07 Reaches $35M
  110. Mexico Now Condemning the USA on the Failed Immigration Bill
  111. Governor signs employer sanctions bil
  112. President Bush Commutes Prison Sentence
  113. Good news
  114. The "RIGHT WAY"
  115. a new medium-security, culturally sensitive prison
  116. Justice Served: Illegal to Serve 80 Years for Rape
  117. Our country
  118. Senator Kyl on the Immigration Bill That Failed
  119. Do we really need a trial for this?
  120. Lady Bird Johnson Dies at 94
  121. A good story
  122. Military Report
  123. Chaulk one up for the good guys
  124. New Immigration Law Frustrates Business Owners
  125. Only a dumb ass would do this.
  126. Sheriff Joe.... go baby go!
  127. Unlucky?
  128. I thought I had a smoking problem.
  129. Retired Marine Not to Mess Around With
  130. More fun than Bass?
  131. U.S. Court Throws OUT Illegal Immigration Law
  132. Phx. Police Officer Killed
  133. Our Regs/Their Regs
  134. Migrant Law Blocks Benefits to Thousands
  135. Sheriff Joe's Illegal Immigrant Hotline to STAY
  136. President Ronald Reagan
  137. Illegal have a get out of jail free card.
  138. McCain back peddle fast, faster.....Too Late!
  139. Moron
  140. Another excuess for drug companies to raise prices
  141. Bar owner seeks help in transgender fight
  142. Del working on "equipment" on the side?
  143. This is why Democracy won't work.
  144. This is why a war on terror is a waste of time.
  145. This is why we believe bronzeback lover hates america
  146. Illegal immigrants banned from visiting people at county jails
  147. U.S. Chamber sues Arizona over Immigration Law
  148. Border Patrol hat = get fired!
  149. Support for sheriff Joe Arpiao
  150. Illegal raped a 5 year old and killed three!
  151. Immigration Tidbits - Interesting Points
  152. Just a Good Soldier I.M.O.
  153. Immigration groups sue Feds
  154. What damage did she suffer?
  155. Sheriff Arpaio as a KKK Member
  156. Sheriff Joe's..... Resume
  157. Hot line works! [Sheriff Joe]
  158. Identity Theft by Illegal Criminals on the RISE!
  159. ARIZONA Death's from DUI on the Rise
  160. Immigration London "style"
  161. Hurricane Dean
  162. Does This Surprise ANYONE?
  163. This is justice?
  164. Bet the rednecks in cave creek are happy
  165. Migrants flee as new hiring law nears
  166. OK
  167. Texas Trouble
  168. Here you go cindy sheehan.
  169. If anyone knows these people
  170. Mesa School Janitor Points Gun at Students
  171. This is how a President should be able to speak.
  172. Want to recycle? Bring your ID
  173. From the W.T.F. dept
  174. Will They Follow OUR Laws
  175. Brits say see ya to Iraq
  176. Mexico's Calderon protests U.S. crackdown on immigrants
  177. The newest candidate
  178. Woman, Son Hold Man Accused Of Raping Girl
  179. Boycott by Illegals Fizzles
  180. Gang Info.
  181. Illegals to protest at Superbowl
  182. Buy This Police Man Dinner
  183. Press 1 for english.
  184. "Jackpot" Baby Bill introduced
  185. Catholics collect for Illegals
  186. Let's vote on more laws that we won't enforce.
  187. Good news guys
  188. What do you make of this.
  189. What Illegal Aliens Contribute to the USA
  190. Selling out!
  191. A good guy wins.
  192. Wheelchair ad stirs migrant issue; tempers flare
  193. ASU President SNUBS Prop 300
  194. AZ made it to Snopes
  195. Three high-ranking Mexican officers arrested at Phoenix gun show
  196. Churches Recruiting Clergy for Hispanics
  197. Fry him
  198. Illegal Criminal Facing Death Penalty
  199. Illegal Criminal Accused of Having Sex with a 15 Year Old Boy
  200. Get Your Hot Corn Covered in Mayonnaise...
  201. Copper For Stadium Lights Stolen..Game Cancelled
  202. Scum of the earth
  203. Scum, was an Illegal
  204. SYSTEM BREAKDOWN [cop killer]
  205. Scum of the Earth II
  206. Pet shop owner booked on 126 counts of animal abuse
  207. A Middle East Imperative - By Jim Cash, Brig, Gen., USAF Retired
  208. We need new rules.
  209. Loop Hole for Illegal Criminals
  210. 1957 VS. 2007
  211. Gotta love iran.
  212. Another reason to close our borders.
  213. What a sick story.
  214. I think I've figured it out!
  215. Its about Time
  216. Want fries with that.
  217. You @#%$%%% Owe ME
  218. new tourism video for Phoenix
  219. Citizenship test?
  220. I don't understand.
  221. Border Drug war
  222. Dying and Down Get Free Groceries
  223. Dead Certain
  224. Me next
  225. illegals in Oklahoma
  226. At least no alcohol on his breath.
  227. Off-duty Wis. deputy sheriff kills 6
  228. A Second Look
  229. Nice guy
  230. law abiding?
  231. Parole after 140 maybe?
  232. Day Labor's Protest---Go Sheriff Joe
  233. Some more day labor bs
  234. they found the missing bee's
  235. Giving Up Your Legal Citizenship
  236. Immigration law cited for enrollment decline
  237. Shoot first I say....then we'll know.
  238. A Place Libs Can Call Home
  239. big suprise
  240. Another Child Taken by Force
  241. Fits the Profile Just Perfect...
  242. For anyone guys going through a divorce.
  243. Legal in his country?
  244. Yep another "ILLEGAL PUKE"
  245. 2008 ???
  246. Interesting facts about last presidential election.
  247. Wildfires What is Being Done?
  248. Cost of Illegal Criminals for Medical Care in Arizona
  249. Mexican has a death penalty.
  250. Obama