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  1. Young DeFoe Learned Lessons He'll Carry Into The Future
  2. Meet Elite Series Rookie Bobby Myers
  3. Morgan, Sphar Switch To Bass Cat
  4. How To Fish The Old Bait Turned New
  5. The Square-Bill Resurrection
  6. Texas Tops In Number Of Sportsmen, Dollars Spent
  7. Now That Surgery's Done, Brauer Faces Rehab Battle
  8. Mercurio Issues Call To Duty For America's Anglers
  9. Hackney Hopes For Better Classic, Talks Title Sponsors
  10. 'Hack' Says Problem Was Too Much Attack
  11. Roumbanis Riding High On And Off The Water
  12. BASS Rolls Out New Youth Program
  13. Some Pros Swap, Others Retain Same Brand
  14. FLW Tour Update: Pros Discuss Sponsor Shifts
  15. Survey Reveals Notable Hook & Bullet Stats
  16. Smith Discusses Further WWC Details
  17. Fishing Could Sizzle Once The Water Comes Back
  18. Legendary Fisheries Feeling Full Force Of Drought
  19. Younger Shuffield Recovering, Plans To Be Back In '08
  20. Dudley Enjoys Down Time, Refuses To Look Ahead
  21. Berkley Revamps Pro Program, Casts Wider Net
  22. Bobby Looking Forward To An Elite Season
  23. Duckett Did It, Can Lane Do It Too?
  24. Velvick Wormed, Trapped The Big 'O'
  25. Wildcard Final: Velvick Over Phillips By 1-12
  26. Velvick Bags 'Frustrating' 8-03, But Still Leads
  27. Velvick's 21-05 Leads Wildcard, Ash 5 Back
  28. Evers Explains Late-Season 'Rut'
  29. FLW Revises Its Tour/Series Co-Angler Rules
  30. How They Got Gas At The Stren Championship
  31. Henson's Long Journey Could Pay Off At Wildcard
  32. Bad First Days Were Costly For Cochran
  33. Brauer Hopes New Knee Will Help Him Rebound In '08
  34. After '06 AOY, Gagliardi Was Prepared For Tougher Season
  35. A Summary Of This Season's Winning Patterns
  36. Finesse Beats Flipping As Winning Technique
  37. Davis Says Decision Was 'Fairly Hard,' But Also 'Easy'
  38. Ike Hopes More Fishing Will Fuel Performance
  39. Ike's Analysis: What Happened in '07?
  40. Browning's Goals: Continued Consistency, Another Win
  41. Analysis: Fukae, Dudley, Yelas, Morgan
  42. Grigsby One To Watch As Florida Swing Nears
  43. Hudgins Will Be Ready When '08 Elites Get Under Way
  44. Clark Looks Back, Ahead And Toward A Title Sponsor
  45. A Tour Pro's Road Goes Ever On
  46. Yelas On 'More Competitive' 2008
  47. Monson Makes Most Of His Second Tour Shot
  48. No. 3 Ranked Kennedy's Performance What He 'Expected'
  49. Kennedy On Sponsors, Baits And Bait Design
  50. Jigs, Worms, Swimbait Headline Hartwell Arsenal
  51. Kennedy Talks Classic, Fish-Off, Goals
  52. Chapman Confident That Gym Work Will Pay Off In '08
  53. Duckett Knows Hartwell And Likes His Classic Chances
  54. Cool Hand Luke's New Elbow And Sponsors
  55. Clausen On Megabass, Sperry, Okeechobee
  56. Is This The Year Klein Ends Classic Drought?
  57. Kenney Scouted Winning Low-Water Spot Years Ago
  58. Love Canal Funds $12 Million Fisheries 'Wish List'
  59. Remitz Returns To Site Of His Greatest Triumph
  60. Research On Crews, Others Yields Startling Results
  61. Hoover To Embark On Ambitious Elite Support Tour
  62. Two Techniques From Aruku Otaku Martin
  63. Hard To Peg Favorites For Unpredictable Hartwell
  64. A Few Emerge As Pre-Practice Favorites
  65. Four To Enter Bass Fishing Hall Of Fame
  66. Team Daiwa Cuts Brauer, Yelas And Cochran
  67. After Turbulent Year, Swindle Sets High Goals For '08
  68. Meyer Battled Through Illness, Crushed 'Em At Amistad
  69. Fishoff Winners Looking Forward To Less Stress In '08
  70. Cold Water, Lethargic Fish Make The Hunt Difficult
  71. Quality Not A Problem, But Quantity Is For Most
  72. AOY Reese Faces Battle Against History At Hartwell
  73. Some Confident, Others Cautious As Day 1 Approaches
  74. Pros Tight-Lipped, But Hartwell Bite Seems Strong
  75. Lots Of Subplots, But Proven Sticks Top List
  76. Ashley, KVD, Martens Are Popular Picks To Contend
  77. Hartley Leads Fishing Mid-Depths, Rook 2nd
  78. Day 1 Notes From The Rest Of The Field
  79. Jones Now Leads With 18 Average, Hartley Follows
  80. Day 2 Notes From The Rest Of The Field
  81. Rides Rock-Solid Pattern To 5-Pound Classic Victory
  82. Jones Figured Out The Finicky Ditch-Bottom Fish
  83. Classic Champ Jones Gets White House Invite
  84. Post-Spawn Toho Fish In Funk, Big Bite Huge Factor
  85. Jigs, Cranks, Dropshots Worked For Other Top Finishers
  86. Hite Hammers 22-06, Leads Trio Of 20s
  87. Svebek Leads Toho Cut, Thrift In From 26th
  88. Hite Destroys Day 3 With 25-02, Leads By 12 Pounds
  89. Hite Pummels Field For 20-Pound Toho Win
  90. Hite's Patience Helped Him Uncover Winning Area
  91. Worms, Cranks, Junk For Rest Of Top 5
  92. Low Water Makes Harris Chain Tougher Than Expected
  93. Lowen's Big Afternoon Puts Him On Top At Harris
  94. Snowden Sacks 20 To Take Over Top Slot
  95. Snowden Up By Almost 10 At Wind-Whipped Harris
  96. McClelland Catches 15 To Rally From Way Back At Harris
  97. Closed-Minded Approach Paid Off For McClelland
  98. Slow-Moving Offerings Were Critical For High Finish
  99. Toho Tough To Read, Developing Bite Expected
  100. Velvick, Scroggins, Jordon On Same Spawn Deal
  101. Jordon Jumps Ahead By 7-13, But Big Winds Loom
  102. Jordon Blanks In Wind, VanDam Now Leads By 2-01
  103. KVD's Crank Bite Endures, Triumphs At Toho
  104. New Pure Fishing CEO Carlson On Background, Goals
  105. Worms The Most Critical, But Cranks Helped Too
  106. Hill Tossed A Toad, Lowen Swam A Jig
  107. VanDam's Toho Practice, Strategy Explained
  108. VanDam Worked 'Shimmy Fall' And Signaled Schools
  109. Hite's Low-Pressure Spot Was Key At California Delta
  110. Rookies Hadden, Brewer Embark On Their 2nd Pro Career
  111. Morgan Strikes Deal With Retailer Timberghost
  112. Veteran Eaker Wants To Fish One More Classic
  113. Jones Describes His Oval Office Experience
  114. Bass Boat Builders Optimistic Despite Industry Downturn
  115. Dobyns Relives Dangerous Delta Accident
  116. Disdain For Crowds, Poor Execution Have Hindered Herren
  117. Yelas Thinking Skinny At Smith
  118. Colson's Patience, Jig Work Paid Off At Wheeler
  119. Lewis Smith Bite Is Tough, But Could Improve
  120. Records Could Fall At Ultra-Hot Falcon
  121. Baksay Rides Spot Pattern Into Lead At Lewis Smith
  122. Martens Smashes 42 Pounds, Leads Field At Falcon
  123. Official Day 2 Standings
  124. New Security Rules Confusing, Under Review
  125. Martens, Velvick Building On Same 'Foundation'
  126. Martens Ran New Water, Leads By 7-07
  127. Bennett Will Carry 2-02 Advantage Into Final Day
  128. Bennett Bolts Down Win With Day-Best 12-15 Sack
  129. Elias Catches 37-11, Rallies From 5th To Overtake Martens
  130. Bennett Relied On Mix Of Bedding, Pre-Spawn Fish
  131. Elias' Crankbait Skill Carried Him At Falcon
  132. Amistad Still Fun, But Big Ones More Scarce
  133. Falcon Flap Ruffles A Few Pro Feathers
  134. Opinions Mixed On Decision To Cancel Day 1
  135. A Mix Of Looking, Power, Finesse Did The Trick
  136. Dove Catches Lone 30-Pound Bag On Day 1
  137. Williamson Hauls 29-13, Moves From 10th To 1st
  138. Faircloth Stages Final-Day Rally To Claim Win At Amistad
  139. Faircloth Alternated Between Swimbait And Senko
  140. Swimbaits, Carolina Rigs, Jigs Were Big Factors
  141. Baits On A Plane: Kota Calls In Ninjas
  142. Fork Poised For Major Movement This Week
  143. TTBC: Why The Six Opted Out
  144. Wolak's Team Leads, But Scroggins & Co. Within 2
  145. Jordon's Team 20 Sticks 76-08 To Lead
  146. Team 9, Captained By Jordon, Triumphs
  147. King Doing Fine Without The Tour
  148. Jordon's Team 20 Cranked Deep, Added Some Bed-Fish
  149. Limit-Fish Biting, So Ounces Will Matter Again
  150. Hot Rookie Canterbury Stuns Field With Late 18-05
  151. Hoernke Leads Cut, But Nothing At Norman Seems Solid
  152. Hoernke Leads After 3, Stormy Weather A Complication
  153. Hoernke Scrambles Once Again, Claims Norman By 4 1/2
  154. Much About Pugh Protest Remains A Mystery
  155. Pugh Says No Casting Took Place In Off-Limits
  156. Hoernke Ran New Main-Lake Water Every Day For Win
  157. Post-Spawn For Moynagh, Bedders For Canterbury
  158. Low Water, Scattered Fish Dominate Clarks Hill Chatter
  159. Brauer Busts 22, Leads By 3 Pounds At Clarks Hill
  160. Both Pugh And Browne Relied On Their Eyes
  161. Evers Takes Over Top Spot, Hill Sits A Pound Back
  162. Mumblings Over Norman Incident Persist Among Pros
  163. Evers Still Out Front, Hill Narrows Gap
  164. Hill Wins Battle Of The Okies At Clarks Hill
  165. Topwaters, Jigs, Cranks Caught 'Em At Clarks
  166. Carolina-Rig, Topwater, Swimbait Did The Trick For Hill
  167. Experience, Versatility Keys To Browne's Strong Start
  168. VanDam On Texas Troubles And Wrong Decisions
  169. Some Quick Action Needed On Clean Boating Act
  170. Focus On Quality Helped Hawk Eye Win
  171. Rojas Starts Strong Again, Win Drought Continues
  172. Vastly Different Beaver Now High, Muddy
  173. Crowds Will Gather Around Murray's Schooled-Up Fish
  174. Goldbeck Thrilled To Be Atop Murray Leaderboard
  175. Pack, Richardson Share For 1-2, Reyes Strong Too
  176. Shaw Leads Cut As Mud Bite Dominates Top 10
  177. Morris Now Leads, But McClelland's Right There
  178. Richardson Explains His Day-2 Beaver DQ
  179. Hawkes Leads Day 3 With 9-05, But A Dead Heat
  180. Roumbanis Rides Bluegills Into Lead At Murray
  181. Quality Flats Fish Nets Pack His First Tour Win
  182. Roumbanis Has Another Fine Day In Carolina
  183. Flooded Parks, Parking Lots Pushed Pack To Victory
  184. Roumbanis' Maverick Move Paid Big Dividends At Murray
  185. Swimbaits Were Main Ticket For Herring-Related Fish
  186. All Power For Rest Of Top 5
  187. New PAA Pres. Horton On Goals, Challenges, More
  188. AOY Would Be Nice, But Cochran's Focus Is On Cup
  189. Duckett's '07 Magic Has Been Missing This Year
  190. Gutierrez Calls It Quits To Be With Ailing Wife
  191. Will McClelland's One-Shot Deal Start A Trend?
  192. Suggs Faces Uphill Climb For Chance To Defend Title
  193. What's Behind The Velvick Revival?
  194. Small Fish Dominate Practice, But Good Bites Expected
  195. Scroggins Stuns With 22-03, Seven Catch 18-Plus
  196. Scroggins Leads Day 2, Can He Ride Again?
  197. Leader KVD Catching Numbers, 2nd-Place Starks Barely Fishing
  198. Starks Slams 21-15 And Defeats KVD By 8 Ounces
  199. Starks Fished Sparingly, Conserved His Quality
  200. Main River Edges Fueled VanDam And Scroggins
  201. Offshore Enthusiasts Right At Home At Kentucky
  202. VanDam, McClelland Bolt To Front Of The Pack
  203. Two All-Time Greats Pace Kentucky Field At The Cut
  204. VanDam Slams 'Em Again - Leads By 6-13
  205. VanDam Holds Off Horton's Charge, Wins By 1-01
  206. Memories of '06 Helped KVD Map Strategy For Victory
  207. While VanDam Went With Sexy, Others Were Fat Free
  208. Offshore Bite Dominant But Crowded, Shallows A Wildcard
  209. Official Day 1 Standings
  210. Official Day 2 Standings
  211. With 19-02, Ferguson Takes Commanding Lead
  212. Dudley Dredges Up 15-02, Edges Martin By 1-04
  213. Martin's Retrieve Connected With Key Smallmouths
  214. Dudley Sought, Chose The Right Hole
  215. Bites Aren't A Problem, But Keepers Are Another Story
  216. Wirth's Brainstorm Results In Lead At Old Hickory
  217. Wirth Extends His Lead To More Than 3 Pounds
  218. Rest Of Top 5: Two Deep, One Shallow
  219. A 12-Pound Sack Keeps Wirth Solidly Out Front
  220. No Photo Finish Here - Wirth Prevails By 5-05
  221. A Myriad Of Techniques Worked For Widely Scattered Fish
  222. Rojas, Clunn Kept It Simple; Jones Threw The Book
  223. Everything Fell Into Place Once Wirth Went Shallow
  224. AOY, FWC Contenders Map Plans For Detroit River
  225. Behind VanDam: Inside The Three-Way Cluster
  226. Brunswick Cutbacks Reach Into Freshwater
  227. Numbers Galore, But Big Bites In Short Supply
  228. St. Clair Producing Big, Vatalaro Leads With 21-11
  229. McCrone Bests Beastly Erie, Tops Cut With 42-05
  230. Dudley Comes From Behind To Win First Career AOY
  231. Shaw Sacks 20-14, Leads Vatalaro By Ounces
  232. Shaw Holds On, Edges Vatalaro By 3 Ounces
  233. Shaw Popped Tubes Near Grass To Coax Bites
  234. Vatalaro Made Pinpoint Casts To Prime Areas
  235. BASS Announces 2009 & 2010 Elite Schedules
  236. Modrak and Stricker Racked Up In The River
  237. No Co-Anglers Gives Boost To Elites' Professionalism
  238. Morgan, Brown Reflect On Missed Opportunity
  239. What BassFans Think Of BASS's No-Co Decision
  240. Impoverished Berry Finds Strength, Purpose In Seclusion
  241. Wilks' Comeback Season Has Been Quiet, But Strong
  242. Brauer, Grigsby Tied At 33rd As New York Nears
  243. 'Gags' At Home For Cup, But Heat Diminishes His Edge
  244. How Wind Affects Great Lakes Tackle Choice
  245. Better Focus, Off-Limits Rule Keyed Dillard's Turnaround
  246. Fish Seem Dispersed, West Wind Looms
  247. Reed Leads With 23-03 After Day-1 Blow, Dunkirk In Play
  248. Ike Overtakes Reed On Day 2, Evers 3rd
  249. Emotional Kota Slams 25, Wants To Win For Sick Father
  250. Kiriyama Clobbers 25 Again, Smokes Martens By 8-05