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: Results from Canyon Lake Game & Fish Survey July 19-20, 2005

d a
July 21st, 2005, 10:52 AM
From Jim Warnecke, Arizona Game & Fish Department.

"Here are some preliminary notes from yesterdays survey at Canyon Lake. Reason for the collection was to acquire 60 largemouth bass for testing (LMB virus) and to inspect all species for general health. We have been routinely testing bass at several lakes in central AZ for virus, Canyon was next in line. So far all tests for the virus at all lakes tested have been negative. I should have the results back in the next week or so for the Canyon lake bass.

A brief brief on what we got at Canyon:

Electrofishing surveys Tues. night were cut short due to lightning and rain. We did shock for about 45 min. or so, but only rolled 1 flathead and 3 largemouth bass. Fish just weren’t up in the shallows.

With our nets (8 nets) on Wed. morning and got our 60 LMB (for testing) in good shape. Rob and I excised out spleens, air bladder tissue and kidney tissue. We caught 4 bass that went over 6 pounds, but most in that 2-3 pound range, all in EXCELLENT condition. No sores, clean of parasites, large amounts of visceral fat. Also out there I talked with one of our regular bass fisherman (Bayou) that fishes with Bruce R. in Boulder cove during daylight hours and he said same thing---good fishing (somedays more than 20 bass, some up to 8 pounds). All fat and healthy.

Other notables from survey---------- caught 25 walleye that averaged 12.75 inches (all one age class). These are probably 13 month old fish that we stocked last June ’04 from ND. We got 900,000 sac-fry that we figured suffered about 30% mortality. Nice to see some results.

Lots of threadfin shad, some nets had thousands in small mesh. Crawdads eating everything they could get to in nets too. Good prey base all ‘way round.

Tons of yellow bass, of course, all sizes with some toping 13 inches - Rich reporting one near 2 pounds!

More than 35 channel catfish running around 5 pound average.

Two mondo crappies from the Boulder area, Rich says both over 2 pounds.

Strange but only 2 carp in our nets…… where are my fish?……….gads!..........

I’ll put out more formal release on the survey, just waiting for the results from the lab……………JW”