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: Remember Those Steaks We Had...

Bob La Londe
August 11th, 2007, 01:10 PM
Do you guys remember those steaks we had at the Yuma Pro Am BBQ in January? Well, Harold at Sportsmen's Hide-A-Way has said he would pay for the meat again, and again he told me not to scrimp on them. He said, "Get some good rib-eyes and cut 'em thick."

I think we will do pretty much the same thing for the BBQ as last year, except I'll remember to setup one of my announcing systems and some lights so I won't need to borrow a flashlight to read raffle ticket numbers. LOL.

Also, knowing ahead of time that Harold is covering the steaks will allow me to use the little bit of club money a little more effectively to hopefully have an even better BBQ and Awards Ceremony than last year, and still be certain of covering our liability insurance for 2008.

I have not yet picked a date for the BBQ, but it will be the Saturday before the Season opener like this year. BBQ Saturday. Fish Sunday.
Also any current members will be welcome to attend along with one adult guest, and any members kids are also welcome to attend. Also anybody who wishes to join at the BBQ is welcome to attend along with a guest.

And... YES. My wife (Patty) said she would make a big pot of beans from the same recipe she used last year.

Bob La Londe
August 13th, 2007, 03:21 PM
Oh, man are we covered now. I fished Sunday with James Craig of Pepsi Cola Bottling of Yuma. He let me know Pepsi would be providing soda and bottled water for our season end/start Awards BBQ.