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Old February 20th, 2004, 04:38 AM   #1
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Another Cheater in FLW?????????

Here it is guys, and it's a real shocker. First of all FLW is trying to cover up the whole incident because they are afaid of getting sued and making all of their members mad.
Tony Christain is banned for life from all Operation Bass events in return they are not going to prosecute him. On day one he had boat trouble and was only able to fish about an hour. In this hour he proceeded to catch a limit from a 3 foot wide circle beside a dock. After leaving the area one of the FLW camera boats went to investigate the area. What they found is in my opinion is the biggest fishing disaster in the history of the sport. They uncoverd a box that was highly developed with a x shaped top that wou'ld let a bait go through the top hole and also let a fish slide out when pressure was applied and then close back. The box also had several bass in it. The next day a sting operation was set up,and they have him on tape returning to the area and catching a very large string out of the box. when he got to the ramp two officials escorted him to a van where they made a deal with him. The even sadder thing is that FLW is trying to hid the whole incident in fear of a big law suit.This guy has won almost A half million dollars in 2 years, that he basicly stole. This truely is he biggest set back in the history of organiged tournament fishing.

Anybody heard about this? Saw it on another site. Not trying to discredit this angler if not true.
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Old February 20th, 2004, 04:53 AM   #2
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Tony Christian tore up the BFLs and the EverStarts, but has had a tough start on the FLW Tour.

Unsure About Rest Of Season
Christian's Day 2
Weight DQd Again

Friday, February 13, 2004

FLW Tour rookie, 2003 BFL All-American champ and big-fish wizard Tony Christian had his day 2 weight disqualified at the Atchafalaya Basin yesterday. That makes two FLW Tour events in a row this has happened, and has given rise to doubts about whether Christian will finish out the FLW Tour season.


Last month his day 2 weight at Okeechobee was DQd because he left his partner's side (after check-in) while waiting to weigh in. At the time, FLW Outdoors stated that this was a violation of FLW Tour rule No. 11, which in part states that "partners must remain together at all times and within sight of each other until the weigh-in slip is signed in order for their catch for that day to be counted."

That rule adds that "in the case of male/female partners sharing a boat, the momentary condition of being out of sight of each other for restroom breaks is permitted," and that is why Christian said he left his male partner that day: to go to the bathroom. FLW stated that Christian was DQd (so was his partner) for leaving his partner's side to watch the weigh-in, and characterized it as a mistake.

Christian said that leaving his partner's side "happened. I just didn't think about it."


At Atchafalaya, his catch was DQd for another reason. FLW Outdoors CEO Charlie Hoover wouldn't say what the reason was, but sources told that it was for violating rule No. 7 (Sportsmanship). That's a fairly broad rule, notably the phrase that involves disciplinary action for "any other words, conduct or actions reflecting unfavorably upon efforts to promote safety, sportsmanship, fair competition and compliance with tournament rules."

Christian didn't want to talk about it, but confirmed that his day 2 catch was DQd for that rule (the text of which is below). He said he didn't know what part of it was involved nor who protested him, but noted that it had nothing to do with the specific points of the rule that involve using "mind-altering substances" and conviction of a felony.

Hoover wouldn't comment on any specifics.

The Future

Christian said he doesn't know right now whether he'll fish the remainder of the FLW Tour season.


FLW Tour Rule 7: Sportsmanship
All contestants are required to follow high standards of sportsmanship, courtesy and conservation and to conduct themselves in a manner that will be a credit to themselves, to FLW Outdoors, FLW Outdoors' sponsors, the sport of fishing and FLW Outdoors' efforts to promote the sport. Examples of conduct not complying with those standards include, but are not limited to, the following:

> Consumption and/or possession of alcoholic beverages or any kind of mind-altering substance during registration, the pre-tournament meeting or during tournament hours extending through the weigh-in procedure.
> Abuse of, or addiction to, mind-altering substances.
> Conviction of a felony within the past 36 months.
> Any other words, conduct or actions reflecting unfavorably upon efforts to promote safety, sportsmanship, fair competition and compliance with tournament rules.

In case of any conduct not complying with the standards, FLW Outdoors shall have the right to refuse any application, or to deny a confirmed application, by returning the entry fee of a previously accepted application, or to disqualify a contestant.

FLW Tour Rule 1: Rule changes
Interpretation of these rules will be left exclusively to the tournament director. Decisions of the tournament director are final in all matters and are not subject to appeal. Protests must be made in writing within 30 minutes of the official check-in time of the final flight of each tournament day.

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There was some discussion on this already on AZBZ. Here's the link:
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