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Delw December 12th, 2007 05:36 PM

Trees for Canyon Lake
Recieved this in an email, if you have any ideas Guys Please Call or email Natalie.

Due to the weather, the tree contractor has not been able to cut the trees on the Forest and they will not be able to continue until it dries. The lake is scheduled to begin refilling on Dec 22. Does anyone know of another source of trees we can use??.another juniper thinning, a large amount of xmas trees??

We can still sink our trees when they get cut later but would like to attach trees to our Picses Pyramids before the lake fills.


Natalie Robb
Fisheries Program Manager
7200 E University
Mesa, AZ 85207
Off (480) 324-3541
fax (480)324-3596
[email protected]

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Nummie December 17th, 2007 02:13 PM

Here's the latest on the efforts to transport Xmas trees from the Valley to Canyon Lake.....

Tim Mitchell Company has offered to deliver leftover trees from their lots to Canyon Lake, after the holiday. All pyramids have now been constructed (5 locations around the lake), and are awaiting tree structure to be attached. G&F is scheduling volunteer work days on Saturday, December 29th, and Sunday, December 30th., to complete this process.

In addition, the city of Tempe will let G&F have trees dropped off after Xmas by the public. G&F will need help transporting those trees from drop-off locations to the lake. They'll know more about how to coordinate the transfer after the 25th.

If they can get a sufficient number of trees from whatever source, and enough volunteers come out on the 29th & 30th, the project might just get completed before lake water levels come back up!!!!:cool:

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