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Fishin'Eddie September 19th, 2017 04:53 PM

Roostertales on Apache- 9/16
The Roostertales Bass Club held its 9th single day tournament of the year on 9/16 at Apache Lake. Water temperatures were till around 80. It was hot. Daytime temps approached 95 degrees. Sixteen teams fished. Thirteen five fish limits were weighed. The team of Peterson and Zahn took first with 16.46# and big fish of 6.03#. Second place was the team of Weir and Burgraff with 14.33# and second big fish of 5.44#. Third went to Redding and Redding with 13.85# and fourth was Jensen/ Chubbuck with 13.64#. Fish were variously caught but dropshot seemed to predominate. As well, it seemed that more fish were taken up river compared to main lake although some of the bigger fish were main lake. Signs from the golden algae kill were not evident. The lake was green-brownish in color, but seemingly healthy based on the results of our tournament.
Our next tournament is on Bartlett Lake on October 14. Our pre- tourney meeting is at Sportsmans Warehouse Gilbert at 7 pm on Monday 10/9. If you are interested in joining the club, call Ed at 602-819-0622. Check our website at

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