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DITCHED! looking for New Partner

What would you do if your supposed good friend/tournament fishing partner ditched you at the last minute to fish your tourney with someone else? Without calling you or emailing you?

My fishing partner and longtime friend did just that. We were supposed to fish a tourney at Roosevelt this weekend. Instead I got left on the dock.

He called me on Monday telling me we were still going and asked me if I could call in to work to pre-fish on Thursday. I told him that I just started a new job and am still on probation for 90 days and I couldn't leave. He was a bit bothered by that, but he told me he would take his little boy instead. On Tuesday, I tell the parents and kids of the soccer team I coach that I will be fishing a tournament on Saturday and that I will not be there. Alternate plans are made and I am clear to roll. The wife and I budget the money for my share of the entry fees and I pickup some new lures for the upcoming event.

On Wednesday I spoke with him and he told me he was sick and doubted he would be going fishing. I told him to get better and let me know if he changed his mind. I also told him I would still be willing to just go fishing if he didn't feel like hitting the tourney and risking the cash if he's sick. I did not hear from him again.

Thursday no call, no email, no contact. Nothing. I figure he has fallen really ill and will not be contacting me until he's better.

Friday night, I go bmx racing, I speak to another zoner at the track and try to get some info about the lake and talked about the weather. Figured it was going to rain and did not expect a call. But just in case, I pack all my gear and re-spool a couple of rods.

Saturday mid-day, after not hearing from him all night, I shoot him a phone call wishing him well and seeing if he's better. I leave him a message. I get a text message that afternoon from his new tournament partner bragging about their good finish, how big a fish he caught and what they caught them all on. WHAT! I was supposed to be in that boat! I congratulate him and text my friend asking him if he was the one fishing with the dude. No response. I get a second text from my friends new partner bragging about how many fish **** caught and how well they did AGAIN! Now I know I got left on the dock so to speak, and I sent my friend a text asking what's up. NO REPLY.

Lame, I guess my friend couldn't sack up and just call or email me to let me know he found someone else to fish the tourney with. And funny how we have been fishing together regularly and yet he couldn't call me to tell about his choice soon enough for me to find another partner to fish with. This is just one of many instances where I have been either ditched or cancelled on at the last minute by this dude. I have kept most of this off the zone since we are both zoners, but this time it felt personal.

These two phucks (my friend and the new dude) have been fighting like girls for the last few years. I have always been thrown in the middle of it. I get asked to fish a tourney then I get ditched at the last minute when these two girls make up. Then they fight at the tourney and they call me to fish again! This is ridiculous!

I am by no means a pro, but I am a decent stick and I CAN catch fish. I am hoping someone out there could use a backseater to fish tournies with. I just want to hang out an fish, not deal with a bunch of B.S. So if you want to fish with someone whose really laid back, shoot me a PM. Hoping to find a decent partner before the spring season starts.

Oh and as far as names are concerned. The dude is a regular on here and does alot of business thorugh the zone so I don't want to mess that up for him. So I will not name names. But he knows who he is... Shitty way to toss away a friendship bro. But I guess to each his own.

The upside to this is now my wife is so pissed she wants me to start fishing tournaments regularly just so I can beat them both, AGAIN.

Just venting.....
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