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Originally Posted by 2Dogs View Post
Not interested in the subprime rate just answering ur question on whether some one with a 620 score should be able to buy a home. Ur score may be higher than 700 but with little credit history and No (emphasis added) income track record for being paid cash for mowing lawns ur chances of ever buying a home is slim to none. Hope ur girly friend has the job and credit so you won't have to be a renter for the next 20 years. Next time show the individuals credit history of 620 to make that determination. Too many variables involved when u ask a stupid questions like that. No wonder ur bud spiderbrains is in love with you........
LOL, the answer should always be no. A person with a 620 Credit Score should never qualify especially with 3 percent down. U have to be a tard or a banking schill to try and justify otherwise. I know the subprime debacle worked out so well last time that you are trying to justify it now. I don't mow lawns for cash moron where did you come up with that nonsense. Yeah like Trump facts don't matter to you.
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