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FLW EverStart Roosevelt Lake Update

Our Payson volunteer planning group has made some great progress the past couple of weeks. We are lining up FLW sponsors and local businesses to be at the Mazatzal Hotel & Casino during the registration period (3:00-5:30 PM) on February 20th. These sponsors and businesses will be handing out information, giving talks about their products and providing demonstrations. This will be a very informative session and we hope that all anglers take some time to visit these booths. These talks will also be open to the public so everyone is invited! We again will have people directing traffic at the Cholla recreational site and carts to move anglers up and down from the parking lots. As most of you know, there is only a small road leading to the upper parking lot. We encourage everyone to ride in a cart rather than walk that road during peak traffic periods. As we have done for past tournaments, the lower level parking lot at Cholla will be reserved for non-tournament anglers, temporary and handicap parking. Keep in mind that the morning launches will be in the dark which means it will take more time. Also the Cholla ramp will support 3-4 vehicles which may result in longer lines to launch. The key for many, especially if you have an early take-off time, is to get there early. We will be concentrating the next week on the final day weigh-in activities and will send an update as soon as those plans are in place. We hope lots of you are registered and we look forward to seeing you again in Payson. If there is anything our committee can help with, shoot me a PM.
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