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Saguaro Summer Nights Results 6/10/16

Total Bass Addicts second event of the Saguaro Nights Season saw "cooler" summer time temperatures, with a small summer time front rolling through. This resulted in some massive fish being caught! We would like to congratulate the team of Mitch Kistner and Sean Coffey on taking home the win for this event with a great bag weighing in at 20.38lbs. We would also like to congratulate the team of Dave Davis and Jake Seehage on bringing in one of the bigger fish ever weighed in at one of our summer nights events, Tipping the scales at 11.18lbs and clinching big fish honors of the event!

We here at Total Bass Addicts would like to thank everyone who came out for yet another great Summer Nights tournament, and we hope to see everyone at our next event on June 24th.

Full Results:
1st - Mitch Kistner/Sean Coffey 20.38lbs $1750
2nd - Steve Jenkins/Bob Tidd 19.13lbs $900
3rd - John Stewart/Delaney Dwyer 18.80lbs $750
4th - Dave Davis/Jake Seehage 18.74lbs BF11.18lbs $1330
5th - Derek Francom/Aaron Reese 17.47lbs $500
6th - Daniel Elias/Jim Davis 16.80lbs $250
7th - Marty Lawrence/Pete Lawrence 15.78lbs
8th - Jamie Orzechowski/Rich Hubenthal 15.73lbs
9th - Dylan Maxon/Brandon Morton 15.62lbs
10th - Justin Seay/Paul Mews 15.51lbs
11th - Tony Copeland/Jason Blauvelt 15.49lbs
12th - Tai Au/Joe Uribe Jr. 14.45lbs
13th - Shannon Coppell/Tom Loughrand 13.39lbs
14th - Jim Wood/Rob Smook 12.61lbs
15th - Zach Holwerda/Zach Holwerda 12.37lbs
16th - Michael Caruso/Kevin Caruso 11.81lbs
17th - Chris Yates/Brandon Lamoureux 10.64lbs
18th - Dan Adams/Dan Adams 10.15lbs
19th - Jason Self/Dan Schmidt 9.91lbs
20th - William Schneider/Trent Darr 9.58lbs
21st - Tommy Jonovich/Lindsee Jonovich 8.66lbs
22nd - Tony Gardner/Bobby Steele 7.87lbs
23rd - Jose Aguilera/Bryce Gibbs 7.37lbs
24th - Darrin Kloostra/Preston Smith 4.42lbs
25th - David Bebawy/Brendan Ruvolo 0.00lbs
- Mark Boulanger/Josh Stoltz 0.00lbs
- Craig Carroll/Bill Carroll 0.00lbs
- Danny Clark/Nate Billetdeaux 0.00lbs
- Mike Crothers/Nate Foreman 0.00lbs
- Tyler England/Tyler England 0.00lbs
- Ray Gifford/Ken Howden 0.00lbs
- David Rosson/Nolan Blake 0.00lbs
- Mike Urie/Andy Young 0.00lbs
- Rick Weiler/John Weiler
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