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Anyone fishing this weekend?

So i had to leave an outstanding season of fishing in Ohio to come to sunny southern Arizona for a three week class at Fort Huachuca. I was devistated two weeks before the school date when i learned i was going to have to leave the killer spring bite to go to the DESERT!

Well, i'm ready to eat crow.

I had no idea there was any sort of fishing to be done out here!

I'm in town until the 25th. If anyone is going out before then, i would LOVE to beg a ride.

The caveat to that is that i don't have any gear with me. I will be more than happy to pay for gas and oil, any gear i use/abuse, lunch, and beverages in exchange for some "quality" time on new water and the use of whatever gear you feel comfortable loaning me. I'd be tickled with a barbie pole, a mickey mouse bobber, and a wax worm right about now!

I also tie my own jigs and would love to send some out here so they can be fished "out west" when i get home. I personally own a TR196 Triton and 3/4 ton GMC truck and i fish tournaments at home, so backing the rig in, operating the boat, whatever...i can help. So don't feel like you're dragging out a first timer!

I'm sort of limited on range i can if anyone would like to fish Parker Canyon or Patagonia, i would LOVE to go.

My cell number is 937-689-5819, and my name is Matt. I don't have my phone on me during duty hours, but if you leave me a VM, i'll call you back the second i get out of class.

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