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January 16th, 2021     01:17 PM   

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Thanks I needed a good laugh...
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Thanks to the few that have helped get things done with these habitat builds.

This is the perfect opportunity for all the bass guys that say game and fish only cares about the trout folks to step up and help the future of our sport. It seams that the same few of us show up to all these events and we could really use the help of all willing people.

These are pretty simple events and if we can get a big enough list of people together then it will be very easy to rotate everyone and no one has to take on a big commitment.

We know the time frames are tough for most but there are enough of us that we can make these happen!

Game and fish has stepped up and funded habitat projects, (yes it will be for west side lakes too) so we need to step up and do this! Rosy is the goal lake for the first go around.

If we don't get people to show for these events, it shows game and fish that warm water guys don't even support their own sport and they will pull funds and we will be back to nothing being done for warm water fish.

It's not a cure all but it is a great step in the right direction to show game and fish that we do care about our lakes and we will step up and do what we can for the future of it. Come on folks let's turn this around and not continue to let the trout people get everything while we sit and watch it happen!

If you don't want to contact Ms.Jones then pm me and I will put you on my list and email, call or text you to see if your interested and able to help for an event.

I can't emphasize enough how important it is for us to make this happen. It has taken a lot of behind the scenes work to get approval on warm water funds and wee need to take advantage of it!

Thanks everyone,
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JustinTime, sent you a pm with my info. Thanks again.
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