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Old August 6th, 2003, 08:20 PM   #16
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You all know me... Know how I earn a livin'... I'll catch this shark, but it ain't gonna be easy. That's one bad fish! ...I love that line.

Here's my point on this view... ???

I guess I could write a book on what I think about this but I'll try to keep it short. I'd much rather know I'm not interfering with someone else's fishing than worry about someone getting too close to me. It's ok to come in close to me, but I don't want to encroach on your spot. Make since? I don't want to interfere with your fishing and I don't want you to interfere with my fishing. It's not your lake! It's not my lake! I don't mind sharing but I know some people get ticked off when you get too close. How close it too close? That's what I don't know and I don't think anyone will ever be able to answer that 100% of the time. When I'm fishing I don't care when people get close to me, especially when they say hello. If they kept me from casting when it's obvious I'm fishing a spot, that's just flat out disrespectful. In the past, I've moved out of a spot and let tourney guys "fish through" and I'll do it again - as long as they don't tell me that they're semi-pro's and I have to move. In that case they can pucker up and pick a cheek... I only wish I could pull a fish out from under them like Delw's girl - That's GREAT!

Bottom line, if I'm getting too close and you were there first - let me know I'm too close. I don't want to tick anyone off. I'm there to have fun, relax and learn. You can get a good ideal of what I look like and what my boat looks like on Nightcrawler's site. If you see me on the water, come on and park next to me for all I care. ...just say hi! ...and DON'T ask to see the tail! LOL!

Take Care and be safe out there!
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Old August 6th, 2003, 09:40 PM   #17
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Short and simple....people WILL piss you off, deal with it. Later...
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I am not a tournament fisher, but a pleasure fisher. If I go to the lake to fish, find a nice spot, start to fish and someone comes up later and tells me that they are in a tournament and that is there hot spot, I would have to admit that I would not feel obligated to move for any reason. The lake is public, no one in particular owns it, so therefore I do not think that the marina sells reservations for certain spots. If they choose to fish in the area I am in, more power to them, as long as they do not cast over me, or cast in the same spot I am. I think that is very rude and abnoxious. I also think it is rude to pull up on someone, you see what direction down the bank they are trolling, and you pull up and cut them off and fish in front of them. That has happened to me several times. So has people taking off full throttle and almost swamping my boat. And these are fishermen, not skiers or wakeboarders!
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Hey Dreamer thats the truth.


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