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Old May 28th, 2016, 10:10 PM   #1
Total Bass Addicts
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Saguaro Summer Nights Results 5/27/16

The first event of the 2016 Saguaro Summer Nights season is in the books, And everything went off without a hitch. A busy Saguaro Lake saw 40 boats(Including Staff). As the sun fell and registration wrapped up, the anglers headed out questioning what would be the "ticket" to catching some GIANT saguaro lake bass this summer. Some figured it out, while others struggled. Total Bass Addicts would like to congratulate the team of Justin Seay and Paul Mews on bringing in a massive early season bag that weighed 26.14lbs. We would also like to congratulate the team of Sean Coffey and Chase Collins on taking home big fish honors of this event with a true Saguaro Lake giant that came in at 8.18lbs.
We would like to thank all of the anglers who came out to fish our first event of the season, We hope to see everyone at our second event of the season on June 10th.
Full Results:
1st: Justin Seay/Paul Mews 26.14lbs $1900
2nd: Aaron Reese/Derek Francom 20.04lbs $900
3rd: Tai Au/Joe Uribe jr 20.02lbs $750
4th: Seth Furmanek/Tj Roach 19.92lbs $650
5th: Zach Howlerda/Rj Suzuki 19.36lbs $500
6th: Dylan Maxon/Brandon Morton 18.15lbs $500
7th: John Weiler/Rick Weiler 18.14lbs $250
8th: Jim Davis/Daniel Elias 17.70lbs $250
9th: Jamie Orzechowski/Rich Hubenthal 17.47lbs
10th: Josh Bertrand/Alex Center 15.38lbs
11th: Mike Caruso/Kevin Caruso 15.11lbs
12th: Bobby Tidd/Steven Jenkins 14.91lbs
13th: David Bebawy/Brendan Ruvolo 13.61lbs
14th: Jake Rodgers/Lane Martin 13.11lbs
15th: Lyle Dalby/Todd Graffa 13.08lbs
16th: John Stewart/Delaney Dwyer 12.90lbs
17th: Dave Nichols/Dean Kreuzer 12.77lbs
18th: Sean Coffey/Chase Collins 12.40lbs BF 8.18lbs $800
19th: Jason Self/Dan Schmidt 11.63lbs
20th: Josh Petruci/Tommy Jonovich 11.46lbs
21st: Clint Herring/Logan Curtis 10.96lbs
22nd: Chris Cook/Steve Miller 10.85lbs
23rd: Danny Clark/Nate Billetdeaux 10.47lbs
24th: Matt Shura/Dan Zehring 7.28lbs
25th: David Robinson/Nolan Blake 5.47lbs
26th: Mike Crothers/David Foreman 4.99lbs
27th: Marty Hendrickson/Jason Willour 4.31lbs
28th: Dave Davis/Scott Owens 3.60lbs
29th: Dan Adams/Tim Roden 0.00lbs
- Mark Boulanger/Josh Stoltz 0.00lbs
- Layne Chitwood/Rhett Bishop 0.00lbs
- Shannon Coppell/Tom Loughran 0.00lbs
- Kyle Coppinger/Adrian James 0.00lbs
- Randy Cormany Sr./Randy Cormany Jr. 0.00lbs
- Aaron Heath/Aaron Heath 0.00lbs
- Jason Johnson/Garett Cobasky 0.00lbs
- Bobby Lanham/Steven Boyce 0.00lbs
- Steve Lund/Kalib Lund 0.00lbs
- Barry Stonehouse/Tyler England 0.00lbs
- Andy Young/Heather Young 0.00lbs
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Old May 29th, 2016, 07:01 AM   #2
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Good job Justin...
SUK IT..............
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Old May 29th, 2016, 11:36 AM   #3
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Awesome bag right there Justin and Paul... Congrats my friends, well deserved...
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Old May 29th, 2016, 11:49 AM   #4
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Sometimes things just work out, it was fun!
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Old May 29th, 2016, 08:14 PM   #5
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Congratulations to both of you! Sorry I didn't get to donate my cash to you. I am at Fork this weekend.
"Somebody needs to go back and get a shitload of dimes!"
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WTG buddyz, great start, keep it rollin now
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Originally Posted by Nitro View Post
Good job Justin...
Thanks J.. You know how it goes... Right attitude, Right place, right time, right bait.. Could have been anyone, it just happen to be us.. We had 15 lbs in the well by 830 and nothing till 1130 when we stumbled on some eaters...
"If you are going thru hell, keep going" Winston Churchill... "You can tell the size of the person by the size of the issue that sets them off"
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