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August 4th, 2020     05:04 AM   

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sam sherwood
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Oviachic MX report

March 11-15, 2019

I got home late Friday night from giving it a go this week on Oviachic Lake for my last Mexico trip of the season. Due to complications that came up with guest, I went alone as I had to get my boat home to get cleaned up and sold. If anyone is looking for a slightly used boat, approx 25 hours, with the new Mercury 250 Pro XS 4-stroke on it with an extended warranty, this 2019 Phoenix 921 may be what you're looking for!

Monday I fished from 9:30 am UNTIL 3:30 pm and got off the lake early with the incoming storm/winds. Fishing was good early and seemed to somewhat shut down as the front rolled in. Cranks and Senko's shallow seemed best. The water temp never got above 67 degrees. BF 4.4 lbs on a Senko. Only 1 out of 5 outside humps had fish on it but that 1 was pretty good. Fish up shallow in 3-4' of water on a wacky rig Senko if deeper water close by, DT6 & 10 working OK. ADC was the best spot, the GC and nearby areas not so much.

Tuesday I stayed off the lake all day due to the storm with rain and wind and colder temps. (I learned my lesson 3 weeks ago with that big storm) 5 of my last 6 Mexico trips have all involved wind/rain and it's been unusual or my timing really stinks! It was 35 degrees colder this day than 3 days earlier. Boo!!! I did get the new shower valve installed in my casita during the down time and a hot shower is worth a LOT so it wasn't a total loss!

Wednesday I almost got a full day in and the fish were ready to rip. This was a really good triple digit day with the BF at 6.3 lbs pictured on a crank. Senko didn't seem to get invited to the party much but lizards were better than they'd been, especially on in-cove humps where fish were staging. Dry Creek area was lit up! I never fired up the big motor after stopping at my first location until it was time to go in. DT 6, & 10 were great, and even a 16 worked OK on deeper shorelines. The lizard was good in 8-12'.

Thursday I went experimenting to see some new water around 3 Sisters, Dolly Parton (75+ water), and Middle of the Lake. It was OK but not as good as Wed. Senko could catch fish up on big shallow flats in skinny water but they were all smaller size. Lizard and shallow crank were in. That middle of the lake stuff was interesting as better fish were at 12'. Little fish were deeper and shallower. The big bay was dead calm for the last 3 hours of the day. BF 5.4 on a lizard in the middle

Friday I only had till noon so I went back to DC and slowed it down some. Although the DT6 caught the 5 lb BF, the lizard ruled the day from 4-12'. Even the far east side of DC had fish going but not as many. The Senko should've stayed in the box this day. I could crank fish in 3-5' of water and go back through the same shoreline with a lizard and move the boat out far enough to fish in that 10-12' depth the boat had sat in previously, and catch a whole new group of staging fish getting ready to move up shallower.

I spent more time on Huites than Oviachic this season and unfortunately no time on Novillo, a big regret as all of the Novillo reports I ever heard sounded like things were as good if not better there than O. With the increased size of the bass at Huites from last year to this, I am hopeful that that trend continues and the lake will be full of 3 pounders next year with a smattering of 4-5's and an occasional BF. Huites is 'only' 3 1/2 hours further than Oviachic and with the roads hopefully almost all done next season, it should be an easy hour less drive time than it has been.
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