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FLW Series at Roosevelt Lake Update 8_2010

We are four weeks and a couple of days away from the start of the tournament and things are moving at a fast pace. A few of the Payson hotels said some people calling are asking about the Payson Chamber of Commerce new discount cards but not many. Be sure to let them know that you are fishing the FLW tournament when you’re making reservations to get the “chamber discount”. At the pre-tournament meeting you can pick up a real discount card for your family to use during your stay in Payson. You can see all of the discounts offered by clicking on the discount card from the FLW Day in Payson event website at www.paysonrimcountry.com Several hotels, motels, restaurants, businesses and activities are offering significant discounts.

The “First Annual No Slot (in a long time) Tournament” was a huge success this past weekend. We had 54 boats register which resulted in four anglers being entered into the FLW Series Tournament next month. Leroy Price and Keith Espy will be fishing on the Pro side while Rodney Ward and Mark Kramb were signed up as Co-Anglers. In addition, $900 was awarded to the third place team of Tim Jacobs and Jeff Frasier while $600 was awarded to the forth place of Jason Brown and Chad Harvey. The cash was awarded as a partial payment towards their entry fee. Great tournament by All-Star Bass and a huge thanks to the Tournament Director, John Sneed and all of the volunteers that helped. Also, all of you 108 anglers that participated, a huge thank you for supporting it and we hope to see you again at the FLW tournament. If this tournament was any indication of what we’re going to see during the FLW Series next month, it will be great fishing. The winning weight was 20.18, second place was 15.93, followed by 15.12 for third and 15.11 for forth.

The FLW Day in Payson is Sept. 18th and the vendor food booths are sold out. There are ware (product) booths still available. If you’re a business that sells hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, taxidermy or anything related to the outdoors and you want to participate in this event call 928-474-5242 X358. We’re expecting a crowd of 4000+ to attend so it will be a large exposure for businesses that attend.

We have confirmations from about 20 top anglers that will be attending the FLW Day in Payson to talk, sign autographs and have photos taken. These anglers will have their boats on display as well as trophies they have won. I’ve listed some names on prior posts but just to remind everyone, local anglers John Murray, Clifford Pirch and Brett Hite will be there. The FLW College Tournament will also be represented. ASU bass fishing team members, Craig Carroll, Mark Walker and yes, the AZBZ, one and only “Joey” Jarrell will attend. So, if you want to meet him and his buddies personally, get their autographs, and have your picture taken with them, you’ll have to come to Payson, LOL. Seriously, I’ve spoken with each of these young men and I’m impressed by them and look forward to them being part of the event.

Our goal is to make your experience at the Payson/Roosevelt Lake FLW Series event the best you have ever experienced. We want the FLW, the National Guard as well as the anglers and their families to enjoy the national level tournament experience and the many activities in the area. We’re still working hard on a few more “over the top” items that they won’t let me tell you about yet, but trust me, as soon as I get the okay, I’ll be posting it big time.

The final date to get registered with the FLW to fish is September 14th. To register to fish the FLW Series Tournament on Roosevelt Lake, contact the FLW at 270-252-1000 or visit their website at www.flwoutdoors.com

If you have questions or need more details send a PM. - Cowboy
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2 grand is a lot of money.
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2 grand entry fee is a lot of money but not unrealistic for tournament anglers. Especially with the chance to win 50 grand plus possible bonus money; or 5 grand if you finish in 50th place assuming 150 boats enter. You don't have to win or even finish near the top to be in the money. Finish in the top one third of the field and you get a check.
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