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  1. Fishing Chat
    anyone know a good fishing line 100lb + that isn't so pricy? Preferably one you have successfully landed multiple big fish on. I'm looking specifically at Poisedon Kast King 150lb braid. At $58 for 150lb x 1100 yards that's a great price. I have the 80lb but haven't hooked a fish to test it...
  2. Fishing Chat
    Find it really difficult to focus on work when you have a fishing trip planned in the next 30 days??? Wish I could have flathead poles in the water while I am working!
  3. Fishing Chat
    Can anyone teach me about how this stuff affects fishing and your methods for using it to your advantage? I have 31 days until my next fishing trip to Patagonia. How can I prepare so I catch more?
  4. Fishing Chat
    Does anyone have a list of legal cut baits for fishing in AZ? I know you can't use any species of Trout, Bass, Catfish, Northern pike, Walleye or yellow perch. What does this leave? Are dead goldfish legal? tilapia filets? anything else so I have back up bait? The AZ game and...
  5. Fishing Chat
    Hey all, I have learned that a standard Carolina rig, with an 12-18 inch steel leader with a 9/0 circle hook attached using a heavy duty swivel and 1 to 2 ounce weight and a bead/bumper is an ideal set up for flathead fishing with live bluegill. I leave the reel on free spool in a heavy...
  6. Fishing Chat
    Hey all, I have my first flathead trip planned for early March at Patagonia. Last year we had trouble catching the bait. Can anyone tell me how to catch Bluegills in March at Patagonia? I caught a 5lb flatty last year off of 2 shrimp. Anyone know any other good back up baits for flatheads only...
  7. Fishing Chat
    Hey all, Does anyone know of a group that gets together to fish for Flatheads or whatever really. Maybe split the cost of a pontoon rental for some regular overnight fishing trips? Maybe teaches each other fishing tips/spots/tricks. Knows about reel repairs and such? I would like to join such a...
  8. Fishing Chat
    Hey all, I am slowly but surely getting my game plan set for this weekends 48 hour Patagonia trip. My poles are ready for gills and flatheads. but I am the most knowledgeable fisherman so I think we are in trouble. Anyone have any tips on how I can use the weather, time of year, or other...
  9. Fishing Chat
    Hi all, I am going to Patagonia next weekend for 48 hours and I need to prepare my poles. I am fishing for Flatheads only. Anyone willing to share their live Bluegill Flathead rig they have had the most success with? I was thinking about using 2 hooks to fish 1 live gill one gill...
  10. Fishing Chat
    Hey all I am heading to Patagonia with a few friends mid November. We have site 110. Has anyone ever fished from that site? I am targeting Flatheads only and hoping they are still biting. Any insight you can offer would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Fishing Chat
    Hey all, When I fish for Flatheads I am lucky if I land 1 in an overnight trip. I am just curious who has had success with catching multiple Flatheads in one night? Will you share any tips, or the set up you used? Last time I went to lake pleasant I heard the clicker go off twice but it...
  12. Fishing Chat
    Hello there, in a couple of weeks I will be at Lake Pleasant for the first time as my family has selected a new lake for our annual fishing trip. We have a boat and I'm just trying to get a little insight on some good spots and tackle for stripers and flatheads. I'm going to be there for 5 days...
  13. Fishing Chat
    There are anglers out there that are on the hunt for trophy catfish in the arid desert, holding many unforgiving desert lakes. Here, you can share your live bait/ dough recipes, or share tips that make you a successful cat fisherman. Who on here, is king of the catz?¿
1-13 of 13 Results