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  1. Fishing Chat
    Hello there, in a couple of weeks I will be at Lake Pleasant for the first time as my family has selected a new lake for our annual fishing trip. We have a boat and I'm just trying to get a little insight on some good spots and tackle for stripers and flatheads. I'm going to be there for 5 days...
  2. Lake Reports
    Afternoon fellas Does anyone have any tips on location to catch crappie at lake pleasant? Im not asking for your secret spot or anything, just a place where ill be able to catch a couple. I have fished the marina with lights and all I catch are catfish and stripers. Any tips to get me hooked up...
  3. Fishing Chat
    Me and some friends r going fishing for bass and we were wondering what lake was bitting the best right now between Bartlett and pleasant. Please help us find out what one is the best or any suggestions on what baits they r bitting on. Thank u
1-3 of 4 Results