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1st Annual Ranger Owner's Open.

Sunday, November 2nd, 2003, at Lake Pleasant - Marina
2-person Team Tournament.
Team must fish from a Ranger boat.
No restriction on the age of the Ranger.
One team member must own a Ranger boat.

100% Payback (thanks to Southwest Boats)
No off limits before tournament
5 fish limit/13" minimum
No live bait or trolling
No alcohol during tournament
Drive-thru weigh-in.

No late fees.
Register by Mail, drop off at SouthWest Boats, or at the lake.
Team Entry $100 and there are 5 other options to enter.

Entry forms will be at SouthWest Boats and the local tackle shops shortly.

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Start time will be at safe light(most are)
I am guessing its going to run till 3:00pm or close. (most do)
the weigh-in is when you get your boat on the trailer and up the ramp.
They generally have a guy at the dock that makes sure you are at the dock by weigh-in time. You will have time to load your boat drive it up to the weigh-in to weigh your fish

I am looking at the flier and see nothing about start and finish time.

I am guessing there will be 1-3 flights for weigh-in(depending on the amount of boats) probally will be at 2:30 2:45 3:00

I am just basing this off of Randy's monterey bass tounrys and how they work.

Here are some of the options on the flier

big fish pays................ 1-2-3 $25
The comanche............. 1 in 10 TW $20
The Vs............................ 1 in 10 TW $20
Ranger Pro.................... 1-2-3 $50
Wish it was a bass.... 50/50 $5

Call Steve @ 602-272-7300 or [email protected] 602-679-9979
Mail entry forms and checks (make checks Payable to MBC)
1902 W. Surrey
Phoenix Az 85029

Start positions are assigned in the order in which entry's are recieved


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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