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WOW what a blast, both for the kids and the adults.

Heres a slide show of some pics from the tourny. Click here

They had valet Parking and Boat launching. I kid you not. That was really cool.
Krispy Cream donuts provided the donuts for the morning,

Fishing was tough but some kids caught some nice fish and a huge Carp, Not to mention someone caught the second biggest bluegill I have ever seen come out of lake pleasant I thing it was 1.4lbs.

Randy from monterey bass did an excellent job of the weigh-in.

even though it was extremly hot the kids had a great time.

Pizza was provided by a sponsor(sorry forgot the name, he has done this for 3 years )

The prize's were very nice and all kids went home with something, at the end of the awards they started tossing out alot of stuff(box's and box's ) of it to all the kids, t-shirts ,hats baits fishing poles tackle box's etc.

Next year it will be held April 10th 2004, the fishing should be much better and the weather a little cooler.

Make sure you thank The glendale police Dept. for this great event. Its all about kids and they cater to them.

Also make sure you Thank Rich Stringer and John Ramsey(aka Boat cop)



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Nice pics Del,
Me and Mrs. Bass and our 2 boys loaded up this morning and headed up to the DARE tourny. Like Del said...WOW....what a good time. The focus was all on the kids. Good food and lots of fun for all. Got to see alot of kids smiling for a change. (They havent learned to hate fishing lake pleasant yet :roll: ). Thanks to everyone that made this event possible.....

Youth Event


I am glad everyone enjoyed this year's event. I am already planning for April. Fishing should be much improved. At the very least, we can count on the White bass to provide some entertainment for the kids.

Thanks to everyone who supported the event. Thanks Del, for being part of it! I love to see Anthony every year. He is such a cool kid! If I can be of service to you, don'y hesitate to ask.


Sorry I didint donate more but I was at someones house all night :wink:

if I would have known you guys had my name put on the shirt(and wasnt up all night) you would have been flooded with stuff.

Claudia Still talks about the fish at the tank with the big eyes,
Anthony plays with his fishing pole all day afterschool and wants to do it again this weekend.

I wish my daughter would have gotten pics at the tank, I thought she was watching them so I was off yapping and the next thing I knew he was soaked.

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