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<b>The 2004 GPD Youth Fishing Event is April 10, 2004 at Lake Pleasant</b>,<P>We will be going out of the Marina and will have Randy (ABA) and his trailer there again. Also just look for the red and blue flashing lights:) Everyone gets Krispy Kreme Doughnuts before the event (What do you expect from a cop?) and Pizza or maybe hot dogs and hamburgers afterwards (Depends on what i can afford). <P>

<center><img src="" alt=""></center><BR>

<center><a href="<A href="">Click">">Click here for slide show</a><P></center>

<center><a href=""> Entry Form</a></center><P>
<center><A HREF="mailto:[email protected]?subject=The 2004 GPD Youth Fishing Event is April 10, 2004 at Lake Pleasant. Info"> E-mail Rich Stringer</a></center><P>

<center><b>**** Final Details on GPD YOUTH FISHING TOURNEY ****</B></center><P>

Thanks to all who are entered or are assisting with the event. I apologize for being out of touch, but have been out of town, then out of reach, and slightly out of my mind. I am feeling much better now. <p>

I have not cashed any checks, <b>including a big one from Grand Avenue Produce:)</b> I am going to deposit them tomorrow with GPD. Please try and be at the marina no later than 0545 so we can start on time. <p>

<b>VOLUNTEERS: </B>If I know you are coming, you will be on a list so you do not have to pay the $6.00 at the gate. it is the least i can do for you for volunteering your time, money, and boat for this event.<p>

I will have coffee and donuts for everyone (Orange Juice for the kids).<p>

It is a three BASS limit, plus a biggest non-bass award. I got lots of stuuf so do not worry, EVERY kid will leave with something. live bait is ok for the kids and we may have free live waterdogs. <p>

Weigh-in is at 1130 with a drive-thru style weigh-in, <b>thanks to Randy from Monterrey Bass, ABA, and many more. </B><p>

Hope to see everyone there. Call my cell at 602-690-0803 if you are lost, or need anything. <p>

thanks, <br>


There are two age groups 12-15 and 11-Under. That way all non-drivers can fish.<P>

Every kid gets a t-shirt. every kid gets two meals. Every kid leaves with alot of free tackle and smiles that last for weeks. <P>

Do not miss this event!!!! If you have kids, bring them out and fish with them. If you do not have kids, please email me and volunteer as a boater. We are always short boaters and need all the help we can get. I feed my volunteers. I give a shirt to my volunteers. I give tackle to my volunteers. Buddah and Boatcop give hugs to my volunteers. Please come out and join us. If you have any doubt on this one, check out the photos on this site from last year. Thanks. <A HREF="mailto:[email protected]?subject=The 2004 GPD Youth Fishing Event is April 10, 2004 at Lake Pleasant. Info"> E-mail Rich Stringer</a> <b>or call my cell at 602-690-0803</b>. Flyers go out very soon at all the fishing stores. they MAY also be availble online if I can talk D A into maybe putting it somewhere on the site. Many thanks to all who make this thing possible. (KNB, Conquistador Tackle, GYCB. Sportsman's Warehouse, Minnkota, Del-Mart Molds, and many, many more....) <P>
Entry is only $10 per kid and if a financial hardship exists, we will have soemone sponsor the child. 100% of alll entries go right back into the event. thanks to all for your interest and support! <p>

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