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<center>Thanks to all those that came and fished it</center>.<P>
<center><b>Congrats to Jamie and Jeff</b></center><br>

Jamie and Jeff 5.95 lbs $325 <BR>
Derrick and John 5.76lbs $215 <BR>
Vic and Deb 5.46lbs $110 <BR>
Delw and Kurt 5.45lbs <BR>
Mike and Dick 5.20lbs <BR>
Tod and Ray 4.56lbs <BR>
John 4.36lbs <BR>
Jim and Kyle 3.50lbs<BR>
Rich 3.25lbs <BR>
Jim and Patrick 2.75lbs<BR>
Jim and Dustin 2.56lbs <BR>
Aaron and Jim 2.55lbs <BR>
Dave --------- <P>

13 boats Paid 3 places.<P>
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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