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OMG another report from me.

Had to work on a boat today so the guy could fish a tourny tomorrow and sat. tossed one pole in the boat and a hand full of baits, as I walked out the door my daughter called and needed a ride ome from school since she was sick.

I goto the lake at 10:45. first things first boat motor.
worked fine, then dropshotted left to check motor again and it didnt work so good. so I spent the next hour or so tracing some wires(shorts) as I was in this cove I happen to look down below the boat and there were bass everywhere. ranging from 1-4 lbs. I litterally tossed everything I had even to the point of bouncing it on there heads with no luck. (since it was getting late I needed to work on the motor again ) so I started and was watching the bass swim around in 1-5 foot of water.

I tried something that I dont use much wacky style and popped 3 in the boat with three casts 1 - 2.5 lbs funny they wouldnt hit it straight but would hit it bent, and only a certain color.

Thats my report :roll: , fished for about 30-45 mins 3 fish.

tourny might be a blast this weekend afterall, cause the people I talked to on the lake didnt have any luck.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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