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I dont know if any of you know, but Im from So Cal....

Every Christmas eve, ever since I can remember, we(the whole family, about 40 of us) have gone to grandpa's house in Laguna Beach.

Well, this year was the best. Im 27, Grandpa passed away last year (Ironicaly while I was in the hospital as well). This was my 1st Christmas eve @ grandpa's in about 2 years (been in Korea for 2001 and hospitalized for 2002)...Its always been a special time. Kinda wierd seeing all the youngins all growed up...

I got my 1st 'good' fishing rod there, a 6'6" ugly stick w/ a shimano fx2000 reel, I felt like a bass pro!

Next Christmas eve, I got my 1st float tube ever, a caddis something or other, cant remember but it worked. Caught a lot of fish out of it and it turned me into a fishing addict.

Tonight, my grandma Sandee handed me a card. I opened it, and it read...
"Dear Jason, I wish Grandpa could be with us, but here is a little help twoards your boat. He always talked about his little fisherman."

I put the check in my pocket and gave my grandma about a 5 minute hug.....

Merry Christmas you all......

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Jason, you are blessed to have such a close loving family! Merry Christmas and good luck getting your boat!
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