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A guy killed 7 Elk with his car!

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Any Bulls, Great one less bull for my early rifle hunt. People need to SLOW DOWN.
The old dude is very lucky! maybe they can carve those animals up and give the meat to a food bank?
Driving south from Alpine on the Coronado trail after dark is treacherous for the same reason. If you don't crawl through there you are going to hit them.
Any Bulls, Great one less bull for my early rifle hunt. People need to SLOW DOWN.

How slow???

Sometime you never see them until they jump right in front of you at full speed (been there too many times). Mostly during hunting season.

"Warning signs are posted along the road advising drivers of the dangers of wildlife crossing, but these are little help when elk jump in front of your car in a matter of seconds, he said." The Elk can't read...;);)

I would like to see the road hunters (night and day) on Lake Mary Rd doing the speed limit (it is only 50mph). I have had way more close calls w/road hunters and people coming up to play in the snow then I have from elk and deer.

What is up with road hunting from a paved road, are some hunters really that lame???
Daughter and I were stopped glassing a hillside for bear one day and we had a herd of about 50 slam into the truck, dented the passenger side also, coolest thing was we have it on video

we were sitting on the side of the road stopped

Tried to attach 4 pics of this wreck I got from my folks in Payson. They're in the gallery.


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Oops, guess they did attach are are too big. Someone fix this please.....
:biggrin:Car parts and cows!
That Nissan Murano held up pretty good for a liitle car!
Hell, hope he at least got a couple of freezers full of meat.
Wow, those are pretty spread out. I wonder how fast they estimated he was driving? Then again they could have been hung up on the car and just fell off a various points until the vehicle stopped.
wow!! looked like all cows with there young.
saw a couple pics tonight, one bull in the group, on the news tonight the driver said they came off the hill and literally ran into the side and front of his vehicle, he was amazed he walked away from it, shame 7 elk either dead or had to be put down. hopefully there was some salvageable meat for the shelters?
This guy happens to work at the same company I do and the story and pics were flying around email today. Evidently, the guy was on his way to work Monday morning from his summer home in Show Low. He said he had just set the cruise control to 65. As he rounded a corner, without any warning, a herd of elk were right in front of him. No time to even hit the brakes. He thought he hit 2 but, those 2 sent his vehicle into a spin where the car took out 5 more elk, and eventually ended up in the ditch. It's very unfortunate that 7 elk were killed but, even more of a miracle that he walked away without injury. Got to remember air bags only go off once. He must of had heads and ass banging into his vehicle after the initial impact. Salvage tags were granted and as the story goes, 6 people stopped and took elk. It is bow season up there so, I'm sure there were plenty of hunters that stopped and helped take what meat was left.
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heck they are hitting elk down south of the casino down toward Rye creek on 87 almost every week, got to be heads up when traveling

glad to hear they were able to salvage the meat.
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