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A question about Az bass strain

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Does anyone know for sure what strain our bass in our lakes are? Franklin swears they are Florida, Im not sure. If they were Floridas, I think we would see waaay bigger fish coming from Sag, but I could be wrong. Anyways, let's hear it..........
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If I'm not mistaken, Ken from Ken's fishing guide service says that our LM are of the "Florida Strain". Don't think that there aren't any huge LM in Saguaro. Saguaro and Canyon are known nationwide for having the largest Bass in the state!
Im saying though, since they stock trout, there should be more fish in the teens, I just havent heard of any coming out of there of that size. We will find out this winter though!
Az bass strain

Jason,from what ive been taught the bass in canyon ,sag, apache,are the northern strain of bass.What i was told was the northern strain bass has a much bigger head(to the gill plate)than the florida strain plus the northern dont get as big. Ive got a 11 from sag. and a11 1/2 from lake bacarrac in mexico(which are for sure floridas via cuba)the one from sag is all head and the 1 from mexico has a peanut head ,but a massive girth.Good Question i look forward to other post,cause im no expert,thats just what ive been taught by the crusty old timers i fish with.
Dont forget about the eyes Joe!!!!!
AL AZ lakes have N. strain and florida strain.
How to tell?
Florida strain are green and N strain are blue.

caught both in Apache, Saguaro, Canyon, but only have caught Florida in Rosey.
Ive never caught a blue bass, they all are green to me. Kidding...are you talking about eye color or??
Blue Bass?.......I think that Florida Strain and Nothern Strain in the same inpoundment mix anyway, and it doesn't matter.........what does matter is the weather, like warm weather.........longer growing season...........more food........and trout stocking will get the fish real big, thats how you get consistent "teen" fish..........who says that a northern strain bass that lives in our warm AZ waters that's has some trout to snack on can't reach 18 pounds?

az bass

with out a doubt theres a 18lb fish in canyon in the pre spawn and when the trout stockings are in full swing,but theres a huge difference between a 18 pounder and a 20 plus pounder.In my opinion theirs not a world record fish in az even at the most prime time , because the fish are northern strain and dont get to be that class of fish.
Tr21, I agree with you. Franklin just seems to think the northern bass can get to world record size....
It's my understanding there are at least two strains in these waters. In fact, I've even noticed a weird difference amongst smallies at Sag (right Jack?). I ask the same question regarding smallies - is there more than one strain????
Florida strain most definitely grow larger than northerns. Floridas can grow 18 pounds or larger, northerns grown to about 13 pounds. Northerns are more aggressive and easier to catch than Floridas. Some people say Floridas get bigger because they live longer than northerns because the northerns are more aggressive. While most of the bass in Az lakes are northers, some Floridas have been stocked over the years. Many of them have crossed with northerns. Go to Yahoo or Google and do a search under florida strain bass... there are a lot of websites that discuss the differences.
20 years ago they planted small amounts of Florida strain in our lakes, they did not do what they were suppposed to do so they quit. there are still the genes in our lakes from the Floridas, But they are mostly northerns.
I heard they are mostly northern strain in the lakes here in AZ, some other lakes have spots and fla. strains. these include lake mead, and patagonia.

The question was brought up at one of the roundtable meetings( I wasnt paying attention) when it was answered.


Like I said, if Floridas were planted in our lakes 10-20 years ago chances are there all mixed up....................I know Sag or Canyon could produce a 18 pound fish, I know another place to, but I'm not going to say......but anyway trout-teen-fish-trout-teen-fish..
By the way guys don't give up on fishing this winter because that is one of the best times to catch that monster we are all looking for.......hit the lakes right after a trout stocking and maybe we can find out if that 18 exists................ 8)

Florida Strain Bass

Ty Gray from Az. Game and Fish confirmed that the Florida Strain was planted in Rossey and Canyon some years back. So they have filtered into Apache and Saguaro. The Northern Strain are much more aggressive and don't normally last in the water for they get caught faster. There are still pure Florida Strain bass in all four of our Salt River lakes. I've got one on the wall that is a pure Florida Strain Bass. There's still discussions about planting more in our lakes. Hope this helps. And yes they still get caught.
franklin, are you going to be throwing a 2 ounce trout colored wiredworm on 6lb line? Good luck!
Ken, I knew you were somewhere out in cyberland! How's business?
Florida Bass

Been really busy. Way too busy to enjoy life.
About 6 months ago, I asked Joe Owens that question and he said that Florida fingerlings were stocked (3 years in a row I think he said) about 20 years or so ago. He said there were already northern strain bass in our lakes, and since the stocking of Floridas there is a mixture of the two species.
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