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Good job Del, my rats weighed a tad more than yours but you won more money! Damn it! The reality is that if you win any money with that class of competition, it was a good day. IT WAS A GOOD DAY. There, I said it with emphasis. Congrats to any money winners. The tourney involved spectacular fishing with very few overs. I know it seems like bullshit but we easily caught 100 fish. It was a blast. Once again, catching an OVER payed major dividends. Call it luck or call it skill, an OVER is critical. I said that all day to my partner. The good thing is that a mere five rats payed out. I guess you could say that's lucky also. I'll take it...


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Damn I didnt even see your name until you just mentioned it.

Oh well I will catch you at the next one and say Hi.

Yeah it was a great day , I wish i would have tried spoons earlier I think we could have had an easy 100 fish as it was we only fished them for less than an hour I believe and caught a boat load( oh wait they were small) a gold fish bowl full of them :wink:


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