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ABU 4600 C3

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Anyone use these? The guide we fished with taught Jo Ann how to cast with one, and I really liked it. I stumbled upon them today for 75 bucks, so I grabbed two. If you have some, how do you like them? I am going to use them for cranking.
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I got one......I really like. It's been a great reel.
they do!
Mine's been a great reel, I use it on my spinnerbait rod. The only complaint I ever had was that I didn't like the factory handle. Put one of BPS' new XPS handles on it and it's great.
I have several that I have used for years, I love the older "Winch" model with 3:8 gear ratio for slow rolling spinnerbaits and deep cranks.
those bps power handles kick ass! I leared how to cast with a 5500C and it sounded like a jet taking off when you would cast, I wonder if these will too? I am pretty hard on my equipment and I think these things will stand up just fine.
they are just like the 5500 series-pretty much bullet proof, no frills, just cast and crank.
Had several thru the years and just love'em. Used one just strictly for Musky and pike fishing back home and it never let me down.
Keep them clean and oiled and they will last a lifetime.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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