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aftermarket brass

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anybody use it when reloading pros and cons. Thanks
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pros = new clean brass but you will still cull out a small amount per bag

cons= you have to fire form each round
outstanding, I have work for you I will pay you with a few lures I found in my tackle box. I have no idea where they came from

most after market brass is good, you need to watch where you get it from as some have pretty thin walls. midway and dillon has good brass.

ALL new brass should be full length sized other wise it wont fit in anyones elses gun., unless your presicion target shooting you dont need to fireform brass nor neck size it another words you have to resize it once you first use it then its up to you how you run it through a die. .. on pistols you dont need to do neither.

also keep in mind that just neck sizeing and fire forming will stretch the case more so you will have to trim it.

Fireformed brass will ONLY work in the ONE gun it was fired in and no one elses gun, same with neck sizing only.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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