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Alamo 8/03-8/04

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Drove out to Alamo Tuesday afternoon to do a little hot weather fishin'. The bite was pretty good, caught a lot of really solid slot fish (Close to 30 would be my guess) and two overs. One of the overs had a broken back and was kind of "S" shaped, but still went over 18 inches on the board. We forgot to put the second over on the board to check length, but the weight according to the scale at the Ranger station was 7.69 lbs. We didn't have a working scale and Mark at the store was kind enough to let me throw it on the certified scale they have and then drive it back to the water(Sorry Canyon King, some of us are just luckier than others).
We caught fish on everthing we threw: Topwater, T-rig, crankbait, wake bait and jigs.
I put the red in the picture to protect "MY SPOT" because I'm sure nobody has ever fished there before. I was the first person to ever catch a big fish there and now it's my spot forever. Actually, lots of people fish there, I'm just being a peckerhead. It's also a new personal best.

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Great catch and I'm betting [jibble approved] pic.
Here's the Brad and Nitro... er, I mean brokeback over. It had a big ole head, just skinny and twisted.

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Congrats on the PB. That is one good looking fish...
Great fish Charlie. I do remember that lake!
Here's the Brad and Nitro... er, I mean brokeback over. It had a big ole head, just skinny and twisted.

That fish for some reason makes me laugh my ass off....funny:Iconrotfl
Good job Charlie. Sounds like maybe a future movie you can star in....Brokeback River
that one did not get away! good job charlie. you aren't saying what lou caught?:biggrin:
nice fish
I have a picture of that same fish I think!
dude looks like wagsy?
No way............. I'm wearing a shirt.
right on man, that is HUGE out of Alamo! the red cloud of death in the background is a nice touch too!
1 - 20 of 32 Posts
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