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heard its been tough. I had good luck there on chartruse anything, jigs, worms and cranks, but then again that was a looong time ago. Try the long points if the water is down. Miguel (MultipleMigs) just came back from there not too long ago...he might be able to tell you more


Partner and I fished Alamo Fri. 22nd for the afternoon bite. Found fish on the cholla side of the lake from the metal ramp to cholla ramp. Caught them on Buzzbaits, White and Chart. Fish were as shallow as possible holding in the weed beds. Temp. metal ramp was a pain in the ass. Hope this info. helps out, You might try jigs in the same type of stuff during the day only a little deeper and try the topwater early and late.
Good Luck, JJDM
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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