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Allstars Night Results?

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Anyone know the results yet?
We fished it and caught alot of bass but most were in the slot, managed three overs and 10.04 total.

Saw Clifford Pirch weigh in a 16+ sack with a couple of nice fat piggies.

Just wondering what the overall results were.
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Still waiting on them as well... I believe Brain/Gary are in 1st for pts...

15lbs got 2nd and 13.3 for 3rd..

Andy, you made top 25!
yeah< there were only 24 boats....thanks buddy
You are wrong! They had 25 boats. LOL

I'm only kidding Andy. You and your partner did make top 10. I think you got 8th but I may be wrong.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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