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anniversary present

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Today is my anniversary and I still need to buy one more gift. So far she's got:1) husband out of town fishing, no hassels for her weekend 2) flowers 3) jewelry
I'm pretty sure that she wanted a new Calais w/loomis IMX. I guess if she doesnt like it I can have it :D It's the thought right?
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How 'bout a brand new electric trolling motor especially adapted for a Champion. I hear women always like that stuff.

If you are serious, I would suggest setting up a massage and possibly extras. Girls like their toes tended to, polished, etc, facials, new hair doos.. Hell, what's wrong with you, If you have been married any amount of time, you shouldn't have a problem figuring out what they want. Just check the list on the fridge like I do :(
spidey I did the list thats how I'm going fishing. hair nails and all that crap she does weekly! That is why I'm not allowed to fish so much anymore cause i have to pay the weekly crap! Tater the trolling motor is for christmas quit giving the surprise away.
My wife and I are financially creative for important stuff like fishing equipment, and not so important stuff like clothes and food. Anyway if Cindy spends 20 bucks at a Pampered Chef party, I keep track(mentally) and spend 20 on fishing stuff. I bank on it and will get a new rod/reel once in a while.
I agree. That was mighty thoughful of you to get her a new rig. Rich
You need to get her what every woman wants! A new Rico and possibly even a swimbait! Hmmm.... on 2nd thought ......... maybe you better scratch this idea..... I think thats maybe why I am divorced now............. Nevermind :wink:
I'll take that Rico and that new rod! :lol:

Spidey I remember over a year ago there was a "discussion" about creative financing for fishing gear. Remember when I wrote this?
I like spidey s idea, a massage or day spa.How about a drift sock so she won't have to work so hard on the trolling motor on windy days.
Happy Anniversary, Chris and Mrs. Slotking!
Speaking of massage's... I just got out on bail :roll:

HAHA massages thats as bad as golf

Speaking of anniversary's Mines coming up real soon like next month 21 years, so since she likes laughlin I think we will head there and prefish Lake Mojave since wonbass has a tourny there soon anyway. April be playing craps and I am fishing god I love Nevada.

oh but it will have to be the weekend after our anniversary cause I have a tourny the weekend of our anniversary she will understand :roll:


Nightcrawler, if you like Rico's, new rods n' reels for your anniversary, you must be really special (especially unique). Most wives like things that are not practical (eliminating rods, reels, fishing tackle, trolling motors, appliances, etc. as candidates for presents). Let's face it guys, Spidey is right on...wives like gifts like facials, massages, manicures, etc....things that totally cater to them and pamper them physically. 8)
Dont do the Massage thing, I just spent the day bustin down doors and booking the Massagers. Judgin by what i saw, you are gonna bring home alot more than the smile on your face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bet that was a sight to see when you kicked in the door :evil: :shock: :oops: :p
:lol: "unique" is a much kinder way of saying it!
Hey were you the one that busted the chick with the BassBoat?

Did she reconize your from any tourny's ?

So Boat Cop, were those people at massage parlors you were busting? I always wondered what went on in those things! :?
Hey MRBASS? That Downtown Body Shop you're sporting in your signature? That one of them massage parlors :?: Its got the name. :eek:
If it was i sure would expect more from a sponcer like a new boat...of some FRENCH bennys... :lol:
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