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anniversary present

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Today is my anniversary and I still need to buy one more gift. So far she's got:1) husband out of town fishing, no hassels for her weekend 2) flowers 3) jewelry
I'm pretty sure that she wanted a new Calais w/loomis IMX. I guess if she doesnt like it I can have it :D It's the thought right?
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Prices started at 100 bucks for the oral thing and went up to 350 for the horizontal boogie. there sure were alot of skanks though. I sure do not understand people that will pay for it when you can get it for free!!!!!!!! the chick with the bass boat was busted by some other guys. wish i was there so i could check out her tackle! most of these places were call girls, ESCOURTS as they call themselves, some run out of massage parlors. a couple of them were house wives who would do their thing when their hubbys were off to work. All and all they were all pretty much SKANKHO's
21 - 21 of 21 Posts
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