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Any ideas on decent rod and reel for kids.

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My question is this. Both my kids fished more than they ever have while out this weekend. Both were begging to go out again on Monday after school and then again this morning. Usually they are dropshotting or c-riging with robo's or something like that. After a while they get a little bored with dragging the worm around..This weekend they threw crankbaits.They were using spinning rods and reels and it was starting to wear there arms out. My daughter (12yrs) was throwing buzzbaits and spinner baits. Any ideas on a decent rod and reel for a 12 year old and 8 year old to throw some cranks and topwater stuff.

Thanks, Tad
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You're a brave man to be in the same boat with a 12 and 8 yr old throwing crankbaits! Have you taught them how to remove a treble hook from your back yet? LOL.
I have gotten a couple of "Guest" rod/reels from Popular Outdoor. They will have a sale once in a while where you can get a 50 dollar rod and reel for 25 bucks. If you are a Happy Camper club member you can get another 10% off. If they don't have something you like, check cabela's and BPS. They offer some smokin deals on combos. Dave
My 8 year old caught my back of my hat and went flying 30 yards . Better my hat than my bald head!. Come to think of it I can't even remember how to get a treble hook out of me. I had a Spook get caught in the weeds one time at Saguaro and when I finally got it loose it came at me like a missile and buried the treble hook(all 3) way deep and past the barbs into my leg.
If they like to fish and are casting and doing well, then I would buy them some quality rods and reels. (They'll have less trouble and you won't have as many headaches. Unless they do snag your head! :lol: ) You don't have to spend a hundred, but something that will last. I would keep the 8yr old on spinning or spincasting. The 12yr old I would give your baitcaster combo and see how she does with it. If not then spinning combo. I'm sure at Sportsman W.H. or B.P.S. you can find a deal around $60. (or at our local fishing stores!!!) All you can do about tired arms is get a balanced rod and reel combo and keep on chuck-N. Good luck.
Hopefully tomorrow afternoon. I will contact you as soon as my boat is ready
Thannks for all the info on the rods and reels. My 12 year wants me to show her how to use the curado. Not sure if she is ready for that or not. We'll try tomorrow after school and see how she does.
My girls are 4 and 6. We got 'em the ugly stick kids spincast combo when they were three. the rod is 4' 6" and two pieces. The reels sucked so I replaced them with johnson spincasters. The rods are fiberglass and hold up well to abuse and little feet in the bottom of the boat. they store easily as well. Probably a little small for eight years and up. thinkin about letting my oldest move to trebles this year. A crankbait hanging from my ear might help my arguement for a longer boat! - Dryheat
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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