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Well who the heck said ya had to have a boat to catch fish at Sag?! Roni and I went out tonight. Pulled up, plug in, bag and pop in the boat, straps off, hit the trim to remove stabilizer bar. Nada. Not even a little itty bitty buzz! :roll: Was gonna flip the cables to another battery but the water looked choppy and we figured we'll just go fish off the dock just up past the ramp 2 dock. Well whattya know? I got a LM! Got some more bites and Roni had quite a few bites. She's only used the crig one other time so she was still getting the feel of it. My 1st cast was dropshot. Immediate snag and had to break off. Rigged it up crig from then on out. Roboworms were the choice tonight. Only about a pound and a half but it was a fish! It was beautiful out there tonight. When I got back to the boat all my stuff was still there too! 8)
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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