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Anyone been to Rosey lately?

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It's been a couple of weeks for me...they still bitin' @ night?
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Moon is on it's way and will get better as it get's brighter.
maybe next summer ill get into the night fishing thing a little more than i did this summer i just dont like doing it. i dont know about a night bite but i slayed em all day long on saturday
I was out there today; Safelight - noon.

At Safelight, If there's no breeze on the water; throw a small 1/4oz, B-2 twin-prop buzz bait with a white & chart skirt, and a stinger hook. Chug it back to the boat real slow. Work the main lake points only with trees on them. Keep your boat in six feet of water and beat the trees.

Once the light is beating down on the water; throw a Yamamoto bronze bladed buzzbait w/ a blue fish scale skirt. Same depth as stated above. Buzzbaits worked form safelight 'til noon today.

The fish are busting the surface chasing minnows and dragonflys, mainly slots.

Water temps were 82.4. My best five fish would have gone 20 pounds. Not a big sack, but very healthy fish.

I had two fish that got some serious air and threw that buzzbait right back at me. Both of those fish were over 5 pounds each. Those did not count into my best five fish, since I didn't get them in the boat. I could have used those to up my catch!

I need to change out my buzzbait rod out for something that has more backbone in it.

Good luck and tight lines!


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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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