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Anyone in Yuma

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I'm looking for a guy in Yuma that drives a Red 1999 Dodge pickup. His name is Charles R. Inman and lives on 13388 E. 53rd Lane in Yuma. His telephone number is unlisted on the internet.

He did a brake conversion kit on his 1999 Dodge and need to talk to him as soon as possible. I just did the conversion going to composite pads, slotted rotors and so far had issues with intermitten pedal, one time the brakes act great, the next the pedal is pushed almost 80% of the throw before the brakes come into play.

We have bleed the system 3 times and tomorrow I am power/vacuum bleeding the system. No leaks and the master cylinder or combination valve was not replaced. I did convert the read drums to disc. Per the OEM who builds conversion kits for all types of vehicles as well as circle track cars it is install and go, the master cylinder and combination valve is good to go as is.

All was good before the change, just had bad rotors and pads and wanted to improve my stopping power.

If someone in Yuma knows this person I'd really like to get in contact with him.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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