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Anyone know laptops?

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Looking to get a new laptop. I won't use it for games, music, or movies. Just working from home or road, internet, and email with some other office stuff.

I see Best Buy has a HP Pavillion X2 dual core with 4GB drive, for $499.

Anyone have this one or know if it is as good/better/worse than a comparable Dell?

Any help is greatly appreciated.
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Several weeks ago I went through 2 weeks of "Dell Hell" trying to get service. I then switched to Apple after many many years on a PC. My advice, whatever you buy, call their service line first, before buying the computer. If you don't like the service, you won't like the computer.
I just bought the HP Pavillion DV6 with the Intel Duo Core Processor T6500 for 700bucks

16.0" Monitor
320GB(5400RPM) hard drve

I used to own Dells, but have own HP for the last few years and they are very reliable and better than Dells IMO. Only reason i bought this new one is because they had a sale and there is no sales tax in oregon!! :biggrin:
One more vote for an HP, this thing has been rock solid even with the dreaded Vista since Vista first came out. Love it!
I havent had any issues with Vista yet.. I think it was one of those things where a few people had issues then it turns into a fiasco.. If you buy the HP now and it comes with Vista you can get Windows 7 for free when it's released Oct 22nd.
+1 on the HP's. I've had good luck with this brand. Don't forget to look at Fry's Electronics as they have some really good sales.
hp for me. delw and dell are to close to the same. cant be a good product. ive got a lenovo desk top that is great and a good price too.
I have some off brand ghetto laptop (Acer) and it's great! Might want to wait until Windows 7 is released, though.. Most of the new laptops come with a free Windows 7 upgrade but my experience with the upgrade discs, they're usually a giant pain in the dick.

Good luck on your purchase!
You cant go wrong with an HP or Toshiba ( I hear the mid to top Asus are really good too). I have been servicing and supporting PCs for 10+ years now and by far the three that I have listed have been in my experience more stable and all around good machines. Like Decoy mentioned, call customer support and ask questions about stability and reliability of their current lineup before making a purchase. As always with a laptop buy the top end of what you can afford and max out the memory and you'll be much happier in the long run. I always add the extra memory myself (very easy to do on your own on most systems and WAY cheaper). If you have any questions or wanna chat about models that your interested in please feel free to call or PM me and ill be happy to help you out.

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Anymore there all pretty much the same on the lower end side. Buy the best you can as anything will be obsolete in a year or two.
Most companies I work with use Dell and are happy with them... I've had Dells for years and would buy another one but then again I dont use there support.

If you just need basic functionality, email, internet etc. I'd shop for the one with the best warranty and software bundle.
+1 on the HP's. I've had good luck with this brand. Don't forget to look at Fry's Electronics as they have some really good sales.

I have a buddy who works there. He can get you a really good deal. PM me for his contact info if anyone is interested.
For what you said you would be doing with your computer a Dell or Hp are both equally great. With the exception that HP has 10 times the better technical support. Whatever you do stay away from the Toshiba Portege models. I had to buy one for my school and have had to have them replace three times because it had "unrepairable manufacture defects."
I am really happy with my toshiba.
+1 on the toshiba. i've had man since may of '07 and never had a problem (knock on wood). i only use it for school/work, internet, and music.

i bought it from the now deceased circuit city on bell rd. and their firedog team wiped it of all the new computer speacial offers and trial version software bullsh!t. that was probably the best decision i ever made with my computer.
I have an HP Pavillion with Core 2 duo's been sent back once for motherboard replacement and has a "ghost" usb port occasionally. I also have a higher end Dell and have replaced 2 motherboards and a keyboard, so my vote goes for the HP.

HP's warranty is/was better than Dell but the Indians all sound the same on the phone and are a pain to deal with.

On another note, my dad puts together laptops from stuff he buys on ebay....he's done many brands and feels the best made are IBM' for thought.
ive got a lenovo and it works great for me
I've had nothing but HP the past few years. They are very reliable and reasonable on price. I did have to call a few times about issues with the computer, but HP was very quick and didn't have rediculous waits. Dell on the other hand is rediculous. You have to jump through so many hoops to get service its rediculous. Go with HP.
Bought our HP in '96, up-graded to XP and replaced the HD once. Still going strong!
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