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Anyone reading this board have

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A semi truck and a flat bed? or access to one.
need a local load done would take about 3-4 hours at the most. distance it 3.7 miles.
Pays cash.....
3 machines at 6-8k lbs each can make 2 trips if need be. I can get the forklift moved there on a flat bed tow truck.
need to move Machines this week.

West side 51st and glendale to 67th and northern.

guy we use hi truck broke this afternoon, unknown at this time when it will be fixed.

Just thought I would ask...

I can be reached at 602-505-7499

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I have access to a 5 ton army truck with a very large bed and capable of carrying 20k.............only thing truck bed sits pretty high up...........let me know

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