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Fished Apache Lake from 4pm Friday through the night, and all day today (sat). The lake itself has an average water temperature of about 87 degrees. The water clarity is awful, has lots of algae, but not the spring time green algae, this all is a dark brown. You can maybe see your lure 6" under the surface at best. Apparently a fish kill happened when too much UN-oxygenated water was released out of Roosevelt, and in fact you can see lots of dead smb and lmb floating up in the channel. Spotted lots of bear sign (tracks and crap piles :oops: ) on the north side of the lake on nearly every beach area between Turtle Island and Burnt Corral, so they are coming down frequently at the waters edge. Fished last night till about 2am, and caught a few 2 lb'ers on 550ST wired worms in the bluegill pattern. Hooked into a Hawg about midnight on a black/blue spyder jig with black twin tail trailer in 25+ ft of water and couldnt set the hook good enough and I ended up losing him at the boat. :evil: No other action for the night, nothing this morning except for one yellow up in the channel on a Chrome Cicada. Most of our fish came from up in the channel today after noon. All caught on shallow running white & shad pattern cranks, either on impact with water or after burning them in, in about 30 ft of water where the surface temperature was about 68 degrees or less. Caught more quality fish than quantity, 3 lmb at about 3lbs, 1 lmb at 4.5 and a smb also at 4.5. Also tied onto a 9 lb carp on a crankbait! :shock: fun to catch at least, but I wont be planning a trip back up there anytime soon. Think i'll wait till it cools off and all the idiot pleasure boaters who have no common sense or any decency to show respect for fishermen, put their boats back in storage for the winter. Yea Im still a little bitter and now im just rambling! :lol: Sorry for the long post, hope someone got a kick out of it and / or learned sumthin, but either way, "A bad day fishing ALWAYS beats a good day at work" :p
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