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Very good and bad this weekend.

:cry: Saturday was so windy we lost the trolling motor's battery by 11:45 (started at 7 AM) ! My brother and I fished a tourney there. Caught one each, him a largemouth at 2.5 lb and me a 'barely measured' rat SM, both on crankbaits.

There were quite a few good SM and LM caught, though. Most of the good bass were had on jig/pig off main points and steep drops. Inline spinner caught a 5.3 LM.

:D Sunday was a different story: Wasn't quite as windy as Sat. I caught 3 good fish ( 2 SM, l LM) from 2-3.5 lb. within the first hour of fishing on a black jig/pig with sparkling red in skirt and blue brown FX Roboworm craw trailer. My bros. was right next to me and couldn't catch one to save his life! Also lost another 3-3.5 SM right at the boat. Fished til noon and picked up another 2.5 lb. SM and my brother picked up a 2 lb. LM. Lot a good fish weighed in today, both SM and LM. Best fish came on jig/pig again with few on crankbaits (crawfish). All fish were fat and probably feeding on the craws. It was like prespawn: caught most of fish on main points entering into coves.

Good fishin',

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