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Fished Apache Lake Saturday and Sunday. Without a doubt I could fish this lake all the time and never even care if I caught any fish! Catching fish at this lake for me is just a bonus at this lake. This is absolutely my favorite lake. :) Brought my son and daughter and threw chartruse crankbaits quite a bit. Caught a 4# smallmouth. All other fish were largemouth all weekend. Caught 12 fish total for the weekend. Nothing of any size on the largemouth. Really really windy in the late afternoon on Friday. Fished Sunday until 4:30. Hardly any boats on the lake the whole weekend. Seemed like we had the lake to ourselves practically. Caught 4 or 5 on dropshot and all the rest on cranks. Threw spinner baits and buzzbaits with no takers. All fish caught in 10 feet or less of water. We can't wait to go back.
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