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If you like fishing crankbaits, dropshot or WiredWorms then you can catch quality fish at Apache.

The WiredWorm bit is classic worm fishing and is working early and all day even in the heat of the after noon. As a matter of fact the afternoon bit might be better. Fish points and reefs from 3' - 20' working a 4" 3/16 or 1/4oz head. The slower the better. Remember to throw shallow as some of the fish bit before it even hits the bottom in 3' of water. Then slowly drag the worm. The fish were hitting the worm aggressively, but before you set the hook check to see if they are there. They sometimes would just hit and then come back and get it.

Another tip is to work steep banks that have rock out cropping and make sure you cast right on the bank next to rocks with some depth. I caught very nice fish in about 1' of water on a 4" WiredWorm.

In the river, pitch a 6" WiredWorm on the walls either 1/4oz or 5/16oz head. Fish early in the morning and then try the shad as the sun comes up.

The crank bit is spotty yet you can hook into a big one. Start early and cover water. You can do that all day but expect dry spells.

It seems there is a good midday and afternoon bit.
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