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Tad it was good untill the wind blew us off the lake. First cast had a 6.2 LM after that caught 7 smallies between me and my partner all this down by the dam none bigger than 2lbs. Since I was in my tracker the wind after that made things real hard. I cranked up in the river through the 2-3 foot swells and caught 2 yellows but after that I called it. On the way back in had to hook up to some poor guys boat "couldnt get the motor started" After draggin this guy all the way back to the main marina from Burnt Corral this "guy" tried to load with waves comin in over the Transom so what does this guy do? He pulls the freakin plug and says "with so much water comin in I thought it would drain out"...well it didnt so being the boat is still in the water...well the nice guy I am I waded in hooked up his winch strap and got it half way on the trailer, pulled the boat out and had some serious damage on the bottom since after he pulled the plug and of course the boat sank the waves just beat the sh** out of his boat against the bottom and side of the ramp....Top it all off these guys had California Plates and I never even got a thanks for the tow or the help loading his boat. But it was comical watchin all his stuff just float out of the boat. Tad if the wind is better this weekend it should be pretty good.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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