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Apache Lake

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Does anyone have any info on how the fishing is at Apache Lake right now? Havent been there in a few years. Really liked the Smallies there!

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last time i went it sucked didnt get one bite the spots look like they contain alot of fish but we didnt catch them.Throw aswimbait shad or a crankbaits shad

Used to catch a lot on jerks and drop shot.
tried jerk nthn but i didnt try dropshot i will next time though
I was there for a couple days back in May. Plan was for Roosevelt; but it was during that crazy wind period, so we continued onto Apache instead. Caught one 8# monster, uh, I mean 8” dink… Actually, I did catch a few, but they were all very small; under 10”. Talked to a few boats; nobody was doing anything.

I heard something about a fish kill due to algae or the like? Also; they apparently drained the lake to very low levels; all in the past few years??? Don’t quote me; I know both hold truth, but not sure on the timeframe; one event was just a couple years ago; hence no bass… I know they restocked however. If you call the hotel there; they will be able to give you details. I am also sure someone on here has the goods…

Beautiful lake and I did not care much as it was during the week and we saw just a few boats on the lake. Nice time sightseeing and hitting the secluded shore for a BBQ.
Thanks for the info BP...
Saw a johnny johnson show where he caught a couple of nice ones, along with a bunch of dinks. give it hell and let us know how it went. good luck
Goodluck out there keep us posted.
i'm definitely interested in your report. i love going to apache for a low key fishing trip. a report would be greatly appreciated.
I wouldn't mind going up and jigging for walleye sometime
Theres walleye in that lake?..i thought i felt somethin bite me. jk
I wouldn't mind going up and jigging for walleye sometime
me either it's sure a pretty and peaceful weekday fishing spot. fished there often up to the algae kill off. :mad:
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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