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Are you for 2nd Amendment rights?

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I AM! That old man is a badass, and this is exactly why we American citizens need to stand up for our Constitutional rights. This is coming from an accident prone dude who doesn't play with guns because with his luck he'd drop it and get shot in the dick.

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He made a mistake for not loading with heavier shot.
That is awesome. I wonder what the gun control people will have to say about that? probably nothing because there is no way to spin this one!
+1 that is awesome!
Good post Mark!

Way to go Gus for standing up for yourself and protecting yourself. If you did not react the way you did, you'd be dead and the thiefs would have continued to rob other stores at gun point!
Nice job Gus....

Notice anything here about two of the ass wipes... Both had a lot of prior chit on their record...great justice system we got....9 freakin prior arrests? WTF???? least we dont have to pay for these POS for the rest of their lives...

"The man armed with the pistol, 29-year-old James Morgan -- who had a long rap sheet with nine prior arrests -- took the first shot directly to his face and made it only as far as the shop door before crumpling dead to the ground.
A second man, Raylin Footman, 21 -- who had a prior arrest for robbery and a relative who was a cop -- made it across 125th Street before collapsing. He'd died by the time he was taken to a hospital."
I like what he did at the end of the story when the lady came to put a candle for one of the fu**ers that died while trying to rob this guy. He kicked it across the street and said Who's this for the guy who died "F U C K him".
Speaking of 2nd Amendment rights,listen to what Ted Nugent Has to say about it. This is great!
I liked that he wasn't happy about what happened and that he would have really felt like a hero if he could have talked the kid down. Dude has a great attitude and does what needs to be done.
You never want to take a life, but life is about choices. This kid obviously made the wrong one!
Speaking of 2nd Amendment rights,listen to what Ted Nugent Has to say about it. This is great!
Ted Nugent for prez.
The 2nd Amendment is a state's right to decide on how "the right to bear arms" should be decided. The federal government needs to get out of the gun laws legislation and all gun laws at a federal level need to be thrown out and burned. It is in violation to our 2nd amendment in the Bill of Rights.

" A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

You are not a free state if the federal government is passing gun legislation. Obviously, it is a State's right to decide gun legislation. As for Ted Nungents "no limitations" that would be a hard one to argue in court. I have always wanted a rocket launcher. But I don't ever think I will ever get around that limitation. If I could I would make a fortune in Texas right now. The right to bear arms was created for the right of the states to rise up against the federal government. It is the right of the people to crush the government, if they have to. Like we did to the British in the Revolution. This is what the 2nd Amendment is all about. And let me tell you. If the masses understood that half of this bail out money went to the top 1 percent in this country, people might just get pissed to the point of no return.
Then there is martial law. Like in New Orleans. They can just go around taking your guns and there is nothing you can do about it. Just imagine a banking disaster hits worse than the last one. And martial law is declared. You can kiss your guns, good bye.
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People learned from the NO confiscation which was ruled illegal by the courts. Maybe only a couple hundred thousand actually willing to die to protect their freedom but my bet is martial law will not work in the future. Communication is too good with the internet.
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